Quiz: Which Jewell fraternity are you?

Spring on campus Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo.

Pick a movie

Which quality do you value most?

Pick a color

What is your favorite Jewell building?

Which is you dream destination?

What is your favorite weekend activity?

Pick an animal

What is your favorite type of dessert?

Pick a flower

What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

Which Jewell fraternity are you?
Sigma Nu

You are Sigma Nu! Just like the brothers of Sigma Nu, you always strive to do everything with excellence. You like to have a good time but be careful you don't get caught. Your motto is "Love, Honor, Truth."
Lambda Chi Alpha (LCA)

You are LCA! Just like the brothers of LCA, you always pursue a lifestyle of ethics and inclusion. One of your life goals is to make a positive impact on society. Your motto is "Every Man a Man."
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

You are FIJI! Just like the brothers of FIJI, you value friendship and knowledge. You always do everything with excellence and want to do good in the world. Your motto is "friendship, the sweetest influence."
Kappa Alpha Order (KA)

You are KA! Just like brothers of KA, you show respect and humility to everyone you interact with. You always strive to develop your character and be a lifelong learner. Your motto is "God and the Ladies."

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