Quiz: Which Jewell residence hall are you?

Pick a dream home.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Pick a social media platform.

What's your preferred music genre?

Your friends would say your biggest flaw is....

Pick a season.

What is your favorite color?

Pick a sport.

Pick your ideal meal.

What is your favorite TLC show?

What is your favorite campus event?

Which Jewell residence hall are you?
Mathes Hall

You're Mathes Hall! People know your name around campus, mostly because you have a large social circle and are very outgoing. You're youthful, up to date on recent trends, and people always want to be around you.
Eaton Hall

You're Eaton Hall! You may not be the most attractive person on campus, but you're definitely an icon. People know you as being a gripping storyteller and having a knack for comedy. While you have a lot of friends, you value alone time and use it as a time to recharge.
Browning Hall

You're Browning Hall! You have a somewhat poor reputation on campus, and people hesitate to associate with you because you can make them feel trapped. Still, you have a contagious spirit and a knack for picking up your friends when they're not feeling their best.
Jones Hall

You're Jones Hall! You have a pretty small social circle, and people know you as being an incredibly chilled and laid-back person. You have a pretty modest appearance, but once people get to know you, they see you for the interesting, eccentric, and passionate person you are.
Melrose Hall

You're Melrose Hall! People tend to perceive you as being pretty mature, but you also have a bit of a wild side to you. You're put together and stay on top of your responsibilities, but you're also never one to turn down a good time.
Semple Hall

You're Semple Hall! You're pretty popular and have lots of friends, but you're also prone to frequent breakdowns and can be kind of flaky. People worry a lot about you, but you always persevere – though you could still do with a little bit of therapy.
Shumaker Hall

You're Shumaker Hall! You have an energetic and lively spirit. You're cleanly, put-together, and polished. You have expensive taste and always look good.
FIJI House

You're the FIJI house! You may first appear a bit austere or mysterious, but once people get to know you, they see you for the lively person you are. You have a bit of an off-putting and one-of-a-kind style, leading a lot of people to make judgments about you before getting to know you.
Kappa Alpha House

You're the Kappa Alpha house! You are a demanding and grand presence in any room you step foot into. You have a certain southern charm to you, and people often cannot take their eyes off of you.
Lambda Chi Alpha House

You're the Lambda Chi Alpha house! You are traditional, passionate, and well-mannered. However, beneath your organized and structured exterior lies a number of eccentricities.
Senior House

You're Senior House! You have a problematic and troubled past, but you've turned it around after a major moment of reckoning and are on a good track. People used to think of you as reckless and unrestrained, but you're now known for being mature, grounded, and classy.

Christina Kirk

Christina Kirk is the Editor-in-Chief of The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: Institutions & Policy and international relations.

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