Reboots should get the boot

Photo by on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash

TV series are something that anyone of almost any age can fall in love with. That’s why Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, Disney+ and so many other streaming devices were invented, so everyone can watch and rewatch their favorite series. I will binge watch “Gilmore Girls” or “Gossip Girl” for a whole week and end up in a deep slump when I finish the whole show. I always want to know more about their lives – Did Nate Archibald – played by Chase Crawford – ever marry? Do Lorelai Gilmore – played by Lauren Graham – and Luke Danes – played by Scott Paterson – actually last? Others feel the same way, and this is why reboots are created – for complete closure. But it seems as though reboots do the exact opposite, leaving the plot even more open than before and dragging out issues that were resolved in the final episode of the original series. Reboots just never work out. 

Recently, the top two big reboots that have been front page news are the “Gilmore Girls” reboot, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” and the upcoming reboot of “Gossip Girl.”  While “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” received an 87 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it left a lot of fans confused and annoyed. The reboot started up new drama that seemed to even be out of character for the mom-daughter duo. 

The big twist to the reboot was that Rory Gilmore – played by Alexis Bledel – was pregnant and didn’t know the baby daddy. It could be the new guy she’s with, Paul – played by Jack Carpenter – who I may add was a super random addition to her dating history. It could also be Logan Huntzberger – played by Matt Czuchry – who she cheated on Paul with for a one night stand, which again is super out of character for Gilmore. The season ends with no answer, leaving the viewers on another cliffhanger that won’t get resolved unless the reboot gets rebooted. 

Lorelai Gilmore was a bit more on par, but the plot line of her on-again, off-again relationship with Danes was already old by the end of the original “Gilmore Girls.” Lorelai Gilmore doesn’t know what true love is, Danes doesn’t know how to express his feelings, and this issue just keeps going and going. 

All in all this reboot fell flat, much like any reboot has. Looking ahead, I predict the “Gossip Girl” reboot will do just the same. The “Gossip Girl” reboot is suppose to premiere this summer on HBO Max with a 10 episode release. It will have the same producer – Joshua Safran – and take place about 13 years after the end of the original show. Kristin Bell will again be narrating as the voice of Gossip Girl, but will have fresh new teenage faces and new drama to follow. The introduction of new characters and plot lines gives me hope for this reboot to maybe go against the theme of crappy reboots and be worth my time. However, I guess I’ll have to wait until summer – and buy another streaming service – to really see.

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