Review: Queer Eye highlights diversity within Kansas City

Kansas City skyline. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

If you haven’t seen “Queer Eye” on Netflix, you’re truly missing out on a part of what might actually be some of the greatest reality television in history. The third season of “Queer Eye” took place right here in Kansas City, and the Fab Five truly served us all the looks and emotions that we’ve been needing.

The team of guys, consisting of food expert Antoni Porowski, grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness, fashion stylist Tan France, culture guide Karamo Brown and designer Bobby Berk swooped in to Kansas City and offered up their life changing services to eight lucky residents this season. While a lot of really great areas in the city were showcased in the show, including the Plaza and the Glam Room salon, what really stood out about this season was the connections each member of the Fab Five made with the people on the show.

“Queer Eye” is always pretty emotional, but this season really pulled at the heartstrings. If you watch it, you’re definitely going to want some tissues next to you. A lot more of the Five’s personalities and personal stories were shown, connecting them deeply to the people they helped.

In episode five self-dubbed “lumberjack lesbian” Jess from Lawrence, KS, discussed how she was kicked out her home by her religious parents after coming out, and designer Berk shared his similar experience. Berk moved out of his home at 15, largely because his parents also weren’t accepting of his homosexuality. The Fab Five taught Jess that her family didn’t have to be blood but also reconnected her with her biological sister and introduced her to her baby niece.

Episode three gave us the lovely Jones sisters, Mary and Deborah, owners of Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City. The funny and dedicated sisters were given the self-love and confidence they needed to further their business and teach themselves that it’s okay to take time for yourself.

In episode six viewers met Rob Elrod, whose wife passed away from breast cancer two years ago – leaving him to take care of his two young sons. This episode was a tearjerker, as Elrod’s positivity and willingness to keep his wife’s memory alive while learning to move on was not only inspiring but pushed the Five to work extra hard to make the best experience they could for him.

This season was everything good and wholesome and, most importantly, showed off all of the amazing people that live in our community. The overall focus of the show is promoting inclusivity and diversity, something done really well in this season. There’s a Japan special coming out, and rumors have it that season four might also be set in Kansas City. Watch season three, and look at all of the beauty and diversity that we have right here in our city.

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