Roses, romance and revelations: Inside “The Golden Bachelor”

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash.

“The Bachelor” is a romantic game show in which an eligible bachelor tries to find love by eliminating contestants. Fans of the popular television series are delighted to witness the new season with a unique twist. The latest installment features Gerry Turner, a father from Indiana, who at 72 years old holds the record for the oldest bachelor on the series. In the first episode of the season, Turner said among the 16 eligible women, he’s hopeful to find his future partner.

The first episode opened with a heartbreaking monologue from Turner, detailing the loss of his wife due to a bacterial infection. Throughout the episode, you get to meet a man desiring a second chance at finding someone with whom he will spend the rest of his life, and also all of the women competing for that special spot in his heart. Due to the number of contestants and the creativity that each one brought to the show, it was clear from the start that this would be a tough competition. From tear-away costumes to a surprise motorcycle entrance, everyone is brought their all.

 So far, the series has been well-received with some reviews like “…make sure you tune in” and  “Completely obsessed” from social media users. I found this first episode outstanding and it seems like the type of show that is here to stay for a good while. Not only was there a dramatic rose ceremony, but I also enjoyed a variety of contestants. A notable contestant was a woman named April who brought a calendar full of fabulous pictures of herself and every month was replaced with her name. Another was Jimmy Kimmel’s 83-year-old aunt chippy who heard about the show and wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately, she slept through the rose ceremony and will not be progressing through the competition.

With “The Golden Bachelor”, not only is it entertaining to see romance unfold, but also to witness the rivalries and dramas as they blossom between the contestants. Some significant challenges with the stigmas behind dating later in life will certainly present themselves in the future of the show. Not only will “The Golden Bachelor” show that it’s never too late for love to prevail, but it shows how exciting and beautiful people are in their “golden years” despite negative representation. It is certain that viewers will be treated to an exciting and unpredictable plot, with some surprising twists and turns. The previews show an absolute emotional rollercoaster including plenty of tears between Turner and the contestants. As the season progresses, romances and rivalries are sure to escalate.

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