Sarah Paperi’s playlist of the week

Everyone’s music interest varies. Even best friends can have completely different tastes. But one thing everyone has in common regarding their playlists is that we all listen to songs that motivate us, make us feel good, remind us of something or someone. And there’s always at least one song on that playlist that can make us forget even the worst of days. My personal playlist does each one of these things, and you might be surprised to see the variety of genres on my playlist. One minute you might think that you’re back in the 90s with Whitney Houston wanting to dance with somebody and the next might feel like you’re jamming at an alternative concert. However, when I need a specific playlist to get me through a workout or studying for a big test, there’s always a set of motivating songs to get me through. Here’s a look at a recent study playlist:

Cover photo courtesy of Back Home Blue

Jesse Lundervold

Jesse is a senior chemistry and studio art major and the Lifestyle Editor for the Hilltop Monitor.

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