Senior Showcase: Anna Biondo

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Anna Biondo, senior business administration major, discussed her greatest accomplishments – both on and off the softball field – along with her plans after graduation with the Hilltop Monitor. Playing softball all four years at William Jewell College, Biondo shared the memories the she will miss the most.

“I will miss always having a family to come back to after the summer and long breaks, and the support that they all bring,” Biondo said. “I enjoy the laughter, and the bonds that us girls have created with one another. Softball has always instilled a sense of competitiveness in me and I will miss the opportunity to challenge myself everyday.”

Biondo has received a number of awards for her accomplishments after she broke several records at Jewell including “Third Team all Conference Pitcher” in 2017 and “Most Appearances,” “Most Wins” and “Most Innings Pitched” in 2019. These awards, in addition to her performance, have garnered the attention of professional teams.

“I am not sure whether I am going yet, but a start up professional softball team in Mobile, Alabama has offered me the opportunity to go play for them for two months in the summer. I am really excited that my efforts and performance have been acknowledged. It would allow me to experience a level of play that I haven’t before,” said Biondo.

Biondo is seeking to work for Garmin once she graduates. She aspires to work in marketing or design and have creative influence over her work.

“I really enjoy being creative, and I am fascinated by technology, so I have been reaching out to recruiters at Garmin. My role would involve working closely with companies like Target that buy Garmin products. I would discuss with them the types of product that they would like to buy in order to help the company fill purchase orders,” Biondo said.

Biondo also aspires to coach one day and give kids the same love of the game that she has felt through 18 years of play.

“Once I am settled in Kansas City with a good job, I wouldn’t mind coaching kids. I think it hasn’t really hit me yet that softball is over, but I can always connect and find my passion for the game again through coaching,” Biondo said. “I can really thank softball for teaching me the importance of work ethic, friendship, love and a competitive spirit.”

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