Sports Profile: Sophomore Haylee Beckley is always looking to improve

Haylee Beckley, sophomore nursing major from Cabot, Arkansas, shared how she juggles being a Nursing major and competitive swimmer. Haylee has swam for William Jewell College since her first year and enjoys not only the difficult wins but also working towards becoming a better player both mentally and physically. She shared what she hopes to improve upon for this coming swim season.

“I would like to improve my time, especially in the 1659 and 1000 freestyle. I am close to an NCAA B-cut in the 1000 and would like to get closer to that. I am also working towards my kick and stroke technique,” Beckley said.

However, for Beckley work doesn’t stop once she gets out of the pool. She is a full time Nursing student here at Jewell. Her passions include helping people and providing compassionate care for individuals in their most vulnerable states. She recently began her first clinical experience and shared how she manages two practices a day and finding time for her studies.

“Late nights, lots of coffee, naps and setting my priorities straight. My biggest challenges are balancing everything and finding time for myself to just have fun, but that is when you need to make your sport more fun and let it become an outlet for release,” said Becky.

This summer Beckley hopes to work as nursing tech at a local hospital in order to gain more experience in the nursing field. In terms of swim, she shared her hopes for improving this summer.

“I want to work on my aerobic base more for this next season and improve my freestyle technique to be more efficient.”

In her free time, she loves crafting and is even starting to create a small side business selling homemade personalized jewelry. She wants to work on the business more this summer while she has a break from her schoolwork. Beckley named the business Atman Jewelry and has created it in order to instill peace and mindfulness in every individual who wears one of her products.

“It’s an amazing activity to help me unwind from stress and I love that I can promote peace in others when they wear it,” said Beckley

Beckley is an example of a motivated athlete who is dedicated, works hard and dedication, and helps anyone in need with a compassionate smile and hug.

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