Student Senate creates Student Academic Freedom Task Force

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On Apr. 7, under the authorization of Gary Armstrong, interim vice president of academic affairs, Student Senate created a Student Academic Freedom Task Force. This task force, composed entirely of students, will propose amendments to the academic freedom section of the Charter of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.

Members of this task force are: Aubrey Avalos, Student Senate commissioner for student athletics and junior international relations and political science major; Agatha Echenique, chief editor of The Hilltop Monitor and senior Oxbridge history of ideas major; Jonathan Fang, freshman Oxbridge music major; Jacqueline Quach, freshman Oxbridge molecular biology major; Sydni Scott, president of Black Student Alliance and sophomore psychological science major; and Benjamin Wardlow, president of Student Senate and sophomore Oxbridge institutions and policy major.

The task force will meet once a week for the remainder of April. The task force’s first meeting will be Apr. 18 at 7 p.m. in Gano Assembly. All meetings are open to members of the Jewell community, including faculty, staff, students and administration. The amendments proposed by this task force will be presented to William Jewell College’s governing bodies for approval. 

The task force was created in direct response to the controversy between the Slavery Memory Justice Project (SMJP) and the Racial Reconciliation Commission (RRC) over academic freedom. More specifically, the task force seeks to give a clear and unambiguous account of the rights of students in the hopes of preventing further disputes over the precise nature of such rights.

Agatha Echenique

Agatha Echenique is the Chief Editor for The Hilltop Monitor. He is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and Philosophy. This is his third year on staff.

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