The failing “New York Times,” by holding the Trump administration accountable, placed first. It’s leftist agenda made itself particularly known when it released an article last month linking Trump campaign officials to Russian intelligence officers. The Monitor simply can’t compete with that degree of blatant disregard for patriotism.

“This was certainly a disappointing year. Throughout the semester I have tried my hardest to encourage staff writers to be critical of the White House, but to no avail,” Drew Novak, Perspectives editor for the Monitor, said.

Kristen Agar, managing editor for the Monitor, had a similar comment.

“How are we expected to be recognized for our liberal propaganda when every respected news source in the country is also pumping out fake news on a daily basis?” Agar said.

What doesn’t help is a dramatic decrease in funding for the Monitor’s operation. After Hillary Clinton lost the election in November, she stopped sliding $100 bills under the table so that we could be able to smear the Trump campaign.

The staff has hope for next year, however.

“We are working on some exciting projects for next year,” Agar said. “For instance, the Monitor is sponsoring a photo feature of artists carving hammers and sickles into desks around campus. Our hope is to inspire the student body to fully accept communism. We’re optimistic.”