To be honest…with Amy Mullen

As I first began to write this “To Be Honest,” I wanted to avoid all my opinions on political topics. I decided that people have heard enough and probably have established views that I am incapable of changing. However, Donald Trump is on my mind, and all I wish for is the ability to write an actual “To Be Honest” Facebook post, circa 2012, on his Wall.

While I personally tend to disagree with Trump’s political opinions, they are not what this article is about. As a presidential candidate, he could possibly become the spokesperson for the United States of America. While various decisions that the leaders of this country are making may not put smiles on the faces of every citizen, the U.S. is still grand and deserves someone who will represent it well. In my opinion, this includes exhibiting respect for the rest of the world.

Millenials have a bad reputation for being disrespectful (@ Bill O’Reilly), but I disagree.  I believe we are a generation that has incredible respect for humanity. Discussing issues of human justice has become a norm for this generation, and that is something we should celebrate, even if we do have conflicting viewpoints on how to achieve fairness for everyone. In contrast to what I perceive to be the ideals of our generation, Donald Trump’s words often exhibit a fundamental lack of respect for other human beings.

Trump’s ability to entertain is obvious, and his business savvy mind is inarguably brilliant, but the rest of the world won’t view his election like a bit on Comedy Central as I am guilty of doing. The rest of the world will be subject to his thoughtlessness and ego. With my feelings about what he says aside, I don’t believe he would be able to accomplish much in the world of foreign relations due to his snide remarks.

I am worried that many Americans will disregard his behavior and elect him based on the mentality that he was “just the best option.” While his political values make sense to a vast percentage of the population, the consequences of his behavior might be more serious than we think.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, Twitter or your liberal friends, do a quick Google search of Trump quotes and prepare for what you find.

Also, if he’s elected, I’m worried his hairstyle will become wildly acceptable, and I’m not okay with that.


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