To be honest . . . with Brett Stone

To be honest, I joined the Royals bandwagon. And I don’t really understand why hopping on this bandwagon is considered a bad thing to begin with.

Here is my reasoning on this: I was born in Kansas City and I’ve lived here my entire life. Even though I don’t really care about sports all that much, the Royals are an important part of Kansas City’s culture, and I at least care about that.

This city has been so fun to live in for the past couple of weeks. On my way to a Harriman-Jewell Series event, so many of the city’s fountains and buildings were blue for the Royals. I felt like I was a part of something that I’m usually not able to feel a part of. Even at William Jewell, people were actually going to Royals watch parties. Yeah that’s right. Jewell students were going to an event.

There is also no “right” way to be a fan of something. One of the quickest ways for me to stop liking a person is if they say to me, “You aren’t a true fan…” or “I liked them before they were cool.” The Royals brought the city together this season. People who are usually ambivalent towards sports (i.e. me) were in their basements, or at the Cage or in the PLC, cheering together. And to me, that enthusiasm is more than enough to constitute a “fan.”

Yes, I wish they had won. My throat is sore because I was screaming so loudly at the television. But, ultimately, I don’t think it matters that they lost. What the Royals did this season, uniting Kansas City in togetherness, was worth so much more than any win. A year ago, if someone mentioned the Royals, I would have assumed they were talking about the British monarchy. So I thank our baseball team for rekindling the energy in Kansas City and reminding me just how much I love my hometown. I’m a proud bandwagoner. #TakeTheCrown


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