To be honest…with Drew Novak

To be honest, it’s a great day to be a cardinal.

As I write this, I am sitting outside with my friends Ben and Rylan on the steps of Curry Hall. Rylan is aggressively working on a research paper, and Ben is relaxing for a change. The smooth April breeze is gentle now. It moves serendipitously through the trees, the grass and the flowers, and it adds a certain flavor to an already tasteful day. As I continue writing, a hawk soars overhead. Its curiously large shadow frightens me, but I have the last laugh as it arrogantly attempts to confront a strong headwind with minimal success.

My attention then turns to the grass. As I recall, it was freshly mowed this morning. It is colored deep emerald in such a manner that it soothes the soul and makes one feel at peace. The checkerboard pattern in the grass adds a certain sense of formidability to its appearance. Oddly though, this only adds to its inherent beauty. Despite my own affinity for the grass, it is clear that there are others who do not feel the same way. I watch with utter horror as two ruffians walk across the grass. They notice my displeasure and proceed to call me out. A disagreement of sorts ensues, but, thankfully, it is quickly resolved. I would hate to cause a spat on such a beautiful day.

Disgusted, I glance away and happen to notice Zak Carroll in the distance, tying his shoe. He does so in a very blatant and methodical manner, a manner which is unique to him. Before I can continue my critique, I notice a leaf has blown up against my lower leg. I attempt to reach down and grab it, but a strong wind blows it into the bushes. Better luck next time. While disappointed, I am captivated by the rare appearance of a salamander. I gaze at it with a certain curiosity while its eyes emotionlessly bore into my soul. After what seems like an eternity, I unwisely make a sudden movement and it darts under Ben’s backpack. Before we can continue our investigation of the salamander, it dashes underneath the safety of a nearby pillar. Scalawag.

I turn back to my writing machine and ponder what else I could include in this piece. Immediately, I notice the trees. Yes, I have not talked about them yet. At this juncture, they are not particularly full but nonetheless demonstrate considerable potential. It is clear that they are preparing to bloom, and when they do, it will be a stupendous pageant of greenery. There is no doubt about that.

For one moment, there is peace. For one fleeting moment, all is quiet.

And then, dinner beckons.

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