Top 10: Best excuses to skip class

Students in class taking notes instead of skipping class.
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Have you ever thought to yourself, “God, I really don’t want to go to class today?” I’m sure that we’ve all felt like that once or 40 times in our lives. Here are just a few suggestions of excuses to tell your professor for why you won’t be in class.

10. Family Emergency – I don’t really support pulling this card, but it’s still a good excuse. Most professors here have a family they go home to every day, so they would be willing to excuse you for an urgent matter concerning a family member. However, if they find out you lied about it, go ahead and say goodbye to that trust and say hello to coming to class for the rest of the semester.

9. Study for a different class – Though this probably won’t get your professors to give you attendance points, it’ll at least allow you to earn some brownie points. The professor will more than likely be understanding and want you to get a good grade, especially if it’s for a difficult class. If your professor is not having it and emails you questioning why you’re skipping when you should’ve been prepared ahead of time, then just ignore the email. Act like it never sent and have a mental breakdown instead.

8. Too Tired – Honestly, I think every William Jewell College student can agree that we’re tired 110 percent of our lives, especially student athletes. The professors here at Jewell – for the most part – are pretty chill and are likely to be understanding of you not having enough energy to take part in class – or life, honestly. Your target should definitely be an easy professor for this one.

7. Work Emergency – This excuse is honestly too good to pass up. Even if you don’t have a job, this will still work. It’s as simple as telling your professor that your boss called you and is having you come in early for work due to someone not showing up for their shift. You’re welcome.

6. I need to eat – Sometimes – and by that I mean 99 percent of the time – eating is, and should be, a priority in everyone’s lives. So if you’d rather go eat and not be hangry on the hill, then tell your professor that if you don’t eat within the next 10 minutes, you might choke out that one annoying kid in your class. 

5. Meeting that overran – Saying a meeting took way longer than it should have is something that everyone understands. We’ve all been stuck in some meetings that should’ve taken 15 minutes but ended up being a solid 45 minutes. Your professors are going to understand completely because they have meetings all day long, so this is going to be an excuse they can get behind.

4. Car Troubles – For all the off-campus students and students involved in Greek life – and the beloved Senior House students – having car troubles is actually a pretty reliable excuse for not going to class. Though you could just hop in with a friend, which I’m assuming your professor would rather you do, they’ll understand that you’re probably not having a great day if you can’t get your car to start.

3. Doctors Appointment – Most professors are not going to ask if you actually had an appointment or not because you’re a grown(ish) adult, so the likelihood of you needing to bring them a doctor’s note is very low. It’s a reliable excuse because it could apply to many different kinds of doctors.

2.  Sickness – Hand in hand with doctor’s appointments, using this excuse will get you a good amount further. Preferably, your professors will want you to go to our lovely nurse practitioner. But when in doubt, use this and don’t get up from your bed. If your professor asks for a note, then – once again – ignore the email and have another mental breakdown in your dorm room.

1. Just Don’t Go – Sometimes you don’t feel like going to class and don’t feel like emailing your professor about your absence. That’s completely acceptable. We’re all adults here, so missing class isn’t going to be a big deal, especially if you haven’t done it more than three times. After that you should probably explain to your professor why you’re not going to class, and then pray that they accept whatever reason you give them so you can make up those points.

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