AFE: Top travel destinations for summer vacation

Photo by Eva Darronon Unsplash

The Bermuda Triangle

Looking for a tropical getaway this summer to end your quarantine blues? If so, a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle is topping the list for this summer vacation. Featuring the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, lots of sea life and the possibility to adventure into the unknown, this cruise is the opportunity of a lifetime. Wanting to disappear from your responsibilities for a little while, or even for life? Then a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle is just the trip for you! Tickets are selling fast, as everyone tries to escape the hardships of life during a pandemic, so don’t wait too long!

Cawker City, KS

Looking to experience the wonders of the world and see fantastical displays of world-record-breaking attractions? If so, Cawker City in the lovely state of Kansas is the place for you to visit this summer. The World’s Largest Ball of Twine is housed in Cawker City and draws thousands of tourists each summer to witness this amazing feat. This is a great weekend road trip for this summer if you live in the Midwest and want to experience one of the wonders of the World located in your own backyard. If you go in August, you may even get to experience the annual twine-a-thon and have the chance to help maintain the world record by adding more twine to the ball!

Snake Island

Looking to have an exciting wildlife experience? Forget the African Sahara expeditions, travel to Snake Island off the coast of Brazil to have the experience of a lifetime! Snake Island is aptly named for its dense population of golden lancehead snakes, having around one to five snakes per square meter! With those numbers, you are sure to have up-close wildlife sightings! To make it even more interesting and add an element of excitement, the golden lancehead snake is also extremely venomous! The Brazilian Navy has forbidden anyone from landing on the island, but I think that visiting this island would be a thrilling and learning experience for the nature lovers out there! If not so interested in the close-up and technically illegal experience, golden lanceheads, along with other snakes, can legally and safely be viewed at the São Paulo zoo in Brazil.


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