Up in the air about “Into the Storm”

Reminiscent of the classic film “Twister,” “Into The Storm” provides a whirlwind of special effects, harrowing danger and human connection seldom seen in disaster films. As opposed to the wildly popular “Sharknado,” this film presents itself in a more serious light, unabashedly killing dozens on-camera and more outside of the viewer’s eye as the power of the super storm is made both personal and real. Viewers love watching characters be chased around while buildings and towns are consumed by raw nature. This film does this and more as it explores the brutality of nature and its destructive potential.

If you are looking for a cinematic wonder of brilliance and Oscar-worthy acting by high-dollar leads, this may not be the movie for you. However, if you enjoy movies that spent millions of dollars on effects that will truly awe you, this is the perfect film for any night.

The film opens with a brief preamble to the storm as two teenagers are suddenly caught up in an unforeseen tornado that leaves storm chasers and weathermen surprised. As the next day wears on, the storm continues, followed closely by a team of storm chasers led by Pete, Lucas, Jacob, Allison and Daryl. Meanwhile, two brothers argue at home while their father plans a massive graduation ceremony for the local high school, as he believes that the dangerous portion of the storm has passed. When the graduation ceremony commences, the storm chasers follow numerous tornadoes across the region. The tornadoes wreak havoc and eventually become an immediate threat. The film takes no prisoners as it ruthlessly unleashes several tornadoes on a small town forcing the residents to flee for their lives or cower in their homes with no escape possible.

Director Steven Quale, drawing from his experience co-directing both “Avatar” and “Titanic” and directing “Final Destination 5,” creates destruction and mayhem in a beautiful and horrifying glimpse into the dark side of nature. Leading actor Richard Armitage, well-known for his role in the recent “Hobbit” films, sets the tone supported by co-actors Matt Walsh and Sarah Callies. The directors and special effects team manage to avoid the stereotypical disaster film mood, even though they did provide audiences with a terrifying “firenado.” The visual and audio effects teams spared no expense as life-like tornadoes ravaged the town and sent friends and loved ones scattering in desperation. In summary, “Into the Storm” provides a level of darkness and intensity that will grab nearly any viewer’s attention while connecting them to the sense of community and strength that is shared by those in truly horrifying circumstances.

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