Valentine’s Day date ideas for college students

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With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, you may be scurrying to woo your loved one. For many college students, this may be a gruesome task. Traditional date ideas are often costly and time-consuming; these are two scarce resources for college students. Valentine’s Day is about showing your significant other how much you care for them and the best way to do so is by trying something new together that caters to your relationship’s individual needs. If you are having a busy week or waiting on your next paycheck, you can still have an exciting and romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner. Here are three time and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas:

Go to a nice restaurant and order off the kids’ menu

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You and your significant other can enjoy a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant without breaking the bank. Make a reservation at your favorite local restaurant and order off the kids’ menu. Although this date idea may seem atypical, it is an amazing opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other or even to strengthen long-lasting bonds. Many times, restaurants will offer the same delicious foods you love for half the price. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant on the square in downtown Liberty is a great restaurant for a kids’ menu date. This restaurant offers classic Italian favorites such as fettuccine alfredo, ravioli, lasagna and spaghetti on their kids’ menu for only seven dollars each, and you won’t be disappointed in the portion sizes. However, if you happen to have room for dessert, they have shareable-sized options such as cheesecake, cannolis and tiramisu for only eight dollars. 

Have a study date

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A study date can be great for college students to spend time with their significant other while catching up on their to-do lists. Many of us are finding that multiple exams and due dates for important assignments are being scheduled for early in the week or even on Valentine’s Day. Students may feel they must spend the majority of their time on school and may be lacking time to spend with their partner. If you are experiencing this stress, your partner may be as well. In these situations, there is nothing wrong with connecting with your loved one while being simultaneously productive. 

Study dates can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways and in many places. If the weather is nice, lay a blanket in the grass on the quad any time of day or head to the picnic tables in the butterfly garden at the Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. any day of the week. If the day requires a cozy, inside location, head to a coffee shop with a fluffy blanket. The most convenient café is The Beak on the top floor of the PLC but if you are looking to get off campus, Hammerhand in Liberty is always an excellent choice. 

Bring the movie theater experience to your home

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Another traditional Valentine’s Day date is a night out at the movies. However, an at-home movie night can be much cozier and a better bonding experience than going to a theater. Instead of remaining silent throughout the movie, you and your loved one can discuss as much as you want.

 Whether you have a television, a computer or your school-issued iPad, you can find a cozy couch or bed and stream movies of any genre. Popular romance movies that you can stream for free include “A Moment in the Reeds” (on Tubi), “A Rainy Day in New York” (on Peacock and Vudu), andCarol” (on Tubi, Pluto TV, Roku and Vudu).

To make the experience feel even more like a movie theater, purchase snacks to eat during the movie. The Cardinal Store on the Quad-level floor of Curry Hall has great snacks for movie-watching. The snacks are affordable and you can even use your Cardinal Dollars to pay for your purchase.

A night at home watching movies can be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day in one another’s arms. 

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