Ways to stay warm during sporting events

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As winter approaches and winter sports kick off it’s important for individuals to stay warm as they attend some of their favorite games. As temperatures begin to drop individuals are at an increased risk of hypothermia and even frostbite if they are not careful. Here is a list of some of the best ways to stay warm during some of your favorite sporting events.

Always wear a hat, gloves and warm shoes:
The extremities are some of the first places that individuals will lose body heat. The heads, hands and feet, if exposed to cold for long periods of time, lose heat and are even at increased risk for frostbite. It’s always important to cover these areas up and avoid exposing them to the cold for long periods of time.

Use Hand and Foot Warmers:
Small heated warmers are very helpful in keeping your extremities warm. They easily slip into gloves or shoes and can provide several hours of warmth. You can find them at many of your local stores in their camping section.

Buy a tiny tent:
These ingenious tents are great for parents who have children who play winter sports. These small, one-person tents offer insulation, and the individual can sit in a chair and zip the tent up around them. These tents function by encapsulating body heat. Essentially, this device is a non-electric space heater that functions off of the individual’s personal body heat.

Invest in a down jacket:
A down jacket is lightweight, but made of one of the warmest materials on the market.

Warming bleacher seat covers:
These warming bleacher seat covers are wonderful for sports-goers that have to sit on aluminum bleachers for multiple hours. Bleachers are particularly cold in the winter because they absorb the cold. However, these seat warmers are wonderful and inexpensive.

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