What am I thankful for?

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Getting a good education

I think we are all grateful to be here at William Jewell College or even to be in college in general. The professors are live encyclopedias that you can use anytime you need. We have four years to learn all of the things we want to learn before we have to work doing the same thing every day.

Late-night drives with blasting music and cold air

These are definitely the moments I feel most alive. Last night, my roommate and I went on a drive at midnight. We had the windows down on the highway and played “Picture to Burn” at max volume. We felt so confident, knowing no one could ruin our mood after we had this therapeutic moment. The city at night is also so vibrant while everyone is asleep.

Having a film camera

I finally had the guts to spend a big chunk of money and invest in a film camera. It is such a different experience because film is so expensive, so you value every picture you take. Moreover, you don’t get to see the pictures until you use the whole roll and get it developed. If you mess up, you mess up. It’s a pricey lesson, but eventually, you will become really good at it.

Knowing how to flirt

As a girl, I have always been taught to wait for the guy’s action instead of chasing and getting him. I listened and I suffered. Recently, I finally tried to make the first move and flirted with someone. I don’t even know if it was a good flirt, but you know, I did it. I felt victorious. I overcame the social norm and was proud of myself. I love having the power to get what I want. I 100 percent recommend flirting to other shy girls. Do what you want and need. Don’t listen to other people. You know the situation, no one else does.

My friends

My friends don’t define my values, but without them, I would never ever know my values. The love they give me makes me feel wanted. In return, I help them with their problems. Maybe not much, but there has been some funny situations like boyfriend problems, and for a single girl, I think I do pretty well at helping them.

Living far away from my family

I know this is a debatable opinion. Personally, I love the freedom I have here in the dorms because my parents are really strict. Living with my roommate is fulfilling. We basically became each other’s family here because we are both far away from home. I have never laughed as much as I do at Jewell.

My family

Even when I love living on my own, I don’t think the love I feel for my family has changed. I think that when we are not together, our relationship gets better because we are more grateful to have each other to think about. We can also avoid crazy situations that would happen every day if we lived together. The thing I am most grateful for from my family is the support I get from them no matter how far the distance is between us. I know that I will always be there for them, and they will always be there for me. 

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