William Jewell College Softball Update

The William Jewell College softball team has started their season with six wins in 12 games. Last weekend they competed in the Lewis Dome Invitational and won two of their four games. During the tournament the team scored a total of 17 runs. They are currently ranked ninth out of 16 teams in the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC). With many games left in the season, the team hopes to work on their consistency.

“So far, our first weeks into the season have been a little bit of a rollercoaster. We’ve had some great games and some not so great games,” said Morgan Olson, senior psychology and ACT-In major, an outfielder for the team.

Anna Biondo, first-year business administration major, pitches and plays middle infield for the team. She hopes that the team can progress as the season continues.

“We talk a lot about keeping up our energy throughout the whole game and not letting up. Even if we are down, we need to keep up the energy throughout the rest of the game. Before each tournament and/or game, we set personal and team goals to keep in mind of while playing,” said Biondo.

The team is coached by Dustin Combs and Jeff Bower. Combs and Bower have coached the team for 10 and six years, respectively. The two coaches have contributed to the spirit of the team.

“Coach Combs and Coach Bower have really stressed the importance of being a great teammate. A great teammate is selfless and is willing to do anything that can help the team before themselves. I believe that if we stick to being great teammates then we will accomplish so much this year,” said Biondo.

Last season the team finished with a record of 30-21. The team has had a winning season for the last nine years. With most of the season left, the team hopes to improve their record. Olson said the team has the ability to do so.

“I think our greatest strength is our versatility. Everyone on the team is willing to step in wherever they are needed. We’ve had to make adjustments in situations, and we have responded well, I feel. We also have a lot of talent. I know it is difficult for our coach to make the lineups and only let 10 players start each game,” said Olson.

The softball team’s next game is March 8 at Northwest Missouri State University. Their next home game is March 19 against Bellarmine University at 2:00 pm.

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