Womens basketball strives to build off the success of their previous season

On Nov. 15, the William Jewell College women’s basketball will officially begin its season.

The team is entering the 2017-2018 season with the triumphant momentum of a winning record of 10-8 in the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC).

“We did things really well last year,” said Head Coach Jill Slominski. “We made playoffs, and probably did better than a lot of people thought we would.”

At least some of that success can be attributed to William Jewell graduate Maddie Nelson, who was a first team, all GLVC conference player.

This year, Slominski is optimistic that the team can adjust to a new dynamic and a new winning strategy.

“Its been fun to see the kids stepping up, and not just looking to one person. This year, I think we are going to be a more well-rounded team,” said Slominski.

At the outset of this season, the team has 14 women, seven of whom are returning seniors.

“There’s a maturity with the team, and I am excited to coach them, and to see what they can do,”Slominski said. “And, it’s a really special group of seniors. They came in as a big group, and they stayed really close, so I think this season will be pretty special.”

One of those seniors is forward Adrianna Rodriguez, recreation and sports management major, and a native of Granada, Spain. Reflecting on her last season, Rodriguez was overflowing with positivity and affirmations.

“Our team is full of smiles. We definitely enjoy each other and love team bonding off the court, which is reflected by our chemistry on the court. We push and motivate each other, trying to get better every day,” Rodriguez said.

Photo courtesy of Jewell Athletics

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