What television show should you watch right now?

What's your mood?

How much time do you have?

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Do you need to be able to get things done while you watch?

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What are you doing right now?

What always puts you in a good mood?

What television show should you watch right now?
The Great British Bake Off

"The Great British Bake Off / BBC 2" by Tom Hovey is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

You're a little stressed right now and don't have time for a full-blown TV binge. Take a deep breath, settle into bed and let the descriptions of carbs and confections in fabulous British accents wash over you. Even more proper than the bake of the biscuits on this show is how proper you'll feel after a relaxing episode – plus, you won't get addicted to binge watching it, making it the ideal study break. You can even work while you watch!
Queer Eye

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You're upset. In the language of Jonathan Van Ness, that's not "gorgeous, honey." Queer Eye's season 4 and 5 take place in Kansas City, so seeing some familiar spots might cheer you up! Even if they don't, Queer Eye is sure to induce a nice, healthy cry as your heart is warmed by the Fab Five and the life makeovers they provide for the most deserving people.
The Office

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You are exhausted and have enough time to watch a 20 minute episode... that turns into 5 episodes. The Office is a classic that won't require a lot of energy to keep yourself entertained – the laughs come effortlessly. This classic is ideal for any mood, but is especially comforting if you've had a long day. If you've watched The Office many times – as you should have – a great episode to rewatch is my personal favorite, season 3 episode 4.
Jane the Virgin

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You've been working hard for a while and have plenty of time for a break. You're looking for mystery, intrigue, humor and... accidental artificial insemination? Jane the Virgin is an incredibly well-written show to binge on a Friday night or a school break. Get ready to get hooked into this drama that is "straight out of a telenovela."

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