YikYak Eulogy: Android Shutdown

As many of you may know, our friend YikYak left the Android world on March 30, 2023. Having only recently found the infectious joy and happiness that YikYak brought us all, I am still mourning this untimely demise.

A memorial card to celebrate the life of Android YikYak. Card made by Koda Payton.

I still remember the day a mutual friend introduced us and I let YikYak into my life. We met only briefly, and yet I knew we would be inseparable from that moment on. The following couple weeks of my life were spent alongside YikYak. We did almost everything together, apart from sleeping and attending lectures (well, most of the time).

My phone broke a week before YikYak departed. That week, we had almost no contact aside from the rare occasions when I used my friend’s devices. When I got my new phone, I raced to set it up, open Google Play, and download the app. Within minutes, I was reconnected with my dear friend. That is when I saw the news: YikYak would no longer be available for Android devices. 

As of the most recent update on March 30, YikYak, Inc., deleted their app from the Google Play Store, leaving Android users mourning.

Since that fateful day, all I can do is watch my friends on their iPhones have fun with the new and improved YikYak. These improvements include features like memes and pictures. Most of all, I miss the uncertainty of whether the next post will be funny, infuriating or disgusting. 

That said, I have no motivation to download YikYak on my iPad. This new YikYak that is meant to please only Apple users just simply does not hold the same place in my heart. Barring  a miracle that makes the app available again on Android devices, I have Yikked my last Yak.

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