AFE: Men’s fashion thrives on the Hill

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

This year on the Hill, men’s fashion has been turning heads and serving looks. Although online classes have reduced the number of students on campus, this has been a hot season for fashion. Most notably, the classic slide and sock combo has emerged as a staple item. It fits all weather and social occasions, making it a stylish and comfortable paring. 

In the hair category, mullets have made a comeback from the ‘80s, making a strong appearance on Jewell’s campus. Even though it’s no longer cuffing season, there is no denying that getting a mullet is a sure-fire method to getting a hot date.

The cold front this school year produced many wintertime looks that are fashion-forward and practical. Shorts made a huge splash this summer as the men on campus opted for wardrobe choices that prioritized warmth during the below-freezing temperatures. 

On track with the weather-based fashion statements, pit vipers have been adopted for their great sun protection qualities and classy look. It’s refreshing to see that the men on campus are prioritizing responsible eye protection, all while looking subtle at the same time. 

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