Blue Paint
Sydney Bass sporting her thrifted finds

Fashion Review: Cosplay

This weekend at the Overland Park Convention Center, an unlikely and increasingly influential sector of the fashion sphere will be showcased. Naka-Kon, Kansas City’s local anime convention, is into its twelfth year of festivities, and its cosplay competition ranks among its most anticipated events. Cosplay, most often done in specially…

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The Merger of Sports and Fashion

More and more, fashion is influencing sports, and sports are influencing fashion. The worlds of fashion and sports have been closely related since the early 20th century, when famous tennis player Rene Lacoste founded a fashion company called “La Societe Chemise Lacoste” in 1933, which aimed to create sophisticated clothing…

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Kansas City Fashion Week

In the tradition of such renowned cities as New York, London and Milan, local designers teamed up with Union Station to kick off Kansas City’s Fashion Week (KCFW), which lasted Sept. 19 to Sept. 26 and showcased spring and summer collections for 2016. The event sought to mark Kansas City’s quest to…

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