AFE: Top 10: Things heard in the PLC

The Pryor Learning Center (PLC). Courtesy of Jewell Biz.

Have you ever wondered what the most talked about subjects are at William Jewell College? Since The Hilltop Monitor is the No. 1 source for all on campus news, we’ve compiled this list of the most common sayings that can be overhear in the Pryor Learning Center. After months of research and careful note taking, this is what we’ve found.

  1. “I just really want it to snow again!”
  2. “So last night I was thinking about Mill again. That book really changed my life.”
  3. “Can you imagine if Jewell was cliquey like high school was?”
  4. “Did you hear they might be shutting down all the frats and sororities? Apparently no one joins them.”
  5. “Spring break was so long. I just wanted to be back on campus the whole time.”
  6. “I don’t know why more people don’t join the Oxbridge program. It’s so fun and easy!”
  7. “Did you hear Jewell won the game last night?”
  8. “There are so many fun things to do in Liberty! I’m so glad we’re not downtown.”
  9. “Honestly I wish my classes were harder. They’re just all too easy.”
  10. “I was going to major in business administration but I was worried it’d be too hard.”

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