AFE: Monitor quiz success pushes Buzzfeed to declare bankruptcy

This week, rumors have been circulating of Buzzfeed declaring bankruptcy due to the success of the quizzes published by The Hilltop Monitor. As of today, such rumors have been confirmed from confidential sources.

The world news source is well-known for its abundance of quizzes that tell you everything from what shoe you should be wearing, to what celebrity you should be marrying based on the type of cheese you would eat. However, it seems the the wildfire-like spread of the Monitor’s quizzes has backed the company into a corner and killed their business.

The Monitor’s quizzes are highly accurate and well-researched, lending them an almost psychic ability to match your answers to your personality. For example, the “What Conspiracy Theory Are You?” quiz, as well as “What Caf Food Are You?”, had readers praising the accuracy of the quizzes. The writer of the quizzes, Madison Carroll, sophomore Oxbridge: Institutions and Policy major, claims it’s an absolute honor that her quizzes have taken down such a large media corporation.

As the popularity of the Monitor’s quizzes soars, Buzzfeed was unable to keep their own quizzes afloat. Since a lot of internet traffic on Buzzfeed is due to people not actually wanting real news and instead wanting to know how their hair color affects the type of bread they are, the decline in quiz usage on the website has killed their profits. Without the support of their quizzes, it appears that the company cannot stay afloat.

While Buzzfeed quizzes are fun, a lot of users complain they’re rarely as accurate as the Monitor quizzes, and aren’t as relatable to school life. The quizzes produced by the Monitor are expected to reach international levels of success in just a few short weeks, according to sources closely associated with the Monitor.

As of yet, the CEO of Buzzfeed has refused to comment on the situation.


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