Bajas: trending “drug rug” or womb of the fashion world?

Surely by the time your life has reached the collegiate level, you’ve seen a Baja hoodie. They are the staple of any member of a middle school boy’s soccer team and every high school girl who went to Mexico over spring break. Here is where the conflict takes place in the decision of naming such a fine piece of apparel. As per any good Shakespearian tragedy, there is a protagonist and an antagonist at bay. Starring as the antagonist, comes the truly Oscar-worthy performance from any judgmental conservative or future mother-in-law. The protagonist is a free spirited soul who defends against stereotypes.  Regardless of what we name it, it can be agreed that the Baja been a trend in this winter’s fashion.

The label “drug rug” was birthed in California when many surfers returned from Baja, Mexico wearing the trending jacket and smoking questionable souvenirs. The lifestyle of baja pioneers was very easy going, thus a correlation between hippie genre was formed. The original baja hoodies were made out of hemp. Instead of seeing this as resourceful, society labeled it “drug rug.”

Hemp has been one of the most influential plants of all time. It obviously isn’t as proverbial as apples and their inflicting downfall, but hemp and its medicinal benefits have left their impression on the human race. With hemp being a recourse of the earth, one could conclude that the Baja hoodie is simply the womb of dear Mother Nature. The Baja hoodie keeps you warm for years as it protects and shelters you. A real womb only gives you room and board for nine months, and then you’re evicted; but Bajas never cease warming you. Arguably, they’re even better than the real womb. The structure of Bajas are another allegory of the womb. The front pocket pouch of the hoodie has a marsupial convenience resembling a mother kangaroo.

Fashion trends have been migrating to tribal and natural styles. Bajas come in many comfort colors that advertise the “let’s go for a hike and eat granola” fashion statement. However, this trend isn’t limited to one genre. Bajas have infiltrated the fashion world with their comfortable interior and chic exterior. The rustic and earthy look of the baja goes great with any boho shorts from H&M, leggings and Converse, or even Vineyard Vines shorts with a beanie.

If you’re looking to invest in this cultural experience of a garment, the journey to find it is half of the fun. There are generally two places where one can find these holy grails: Mexico or any shop selling Grateful Dead posters and tye-dye. Though as the trend begins to spread, it won’t be long before we see a little Polo horse on the corners of Bajas. Spring is around the corner, and with a flower crown or denim collar, this so-called “drug rug” can evolve into a chic, hippie fashion essential.


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