Conspiracy Theory: Denver ​International Airport – transit hub or secret military annex?

An airpot. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Since its opening in 1995, the Denver International Airport (DIA) has been a hub for both air traffic and conspiracy theories. Among claims that it is a meeting place for the Illuminati, that aliens and lizard people live in the tunnels underneath the airport and that its artwork contains clues to the apocalypse is one more probable theory: that underneath DIA is a secret military annex.

The theory suggests that the airport is used as a cover for a military base, perhaps to conduct top-secret government experiments, house government authorities in the event of war or conduct any number of military activities. As well, the tunnels underneath the airport supposedly connect to the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado Springs, Colorado – over 90 miles away from the airforce.

To conspiracy theorists, there are multiple factors pointing towards the likelihood of a military compound underneath DIA. For starters, the sheer size and cost of the airport just don’t add up. DIA was finished in February of 1995 – 16 months behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. Additionally, the airport sits on over 33,000 acres of land – an area bigger than San Francisco, Miami and Manhattan, respectively – while the second largest airport in the United States is the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport is only about half that size, coming in at about 17,000 acres.

There are multiple explanations as to why the airport sits on such a large plot of land. DIA’s acreage houses not only the airport terminals but multiple other buildings and hangars for the airport’s use – allowing for possible expansion in the future as well as keeping the airport from crowding and bothering the citizen’s of Denver proper. Although, the extra buildings and hangers are unmarked, leading one to wonder if they’re strictly for airport use or something far more secret and sinister.

Explanations for the delay in its building schedule and going over budget, however, are unexplained. Sure, going over budget on a massive building project is common, but a whole $2 billion dollars over is less plausible. Perhaps the overspending and construction delay were not to build the airport itself but what is under it – what believers in this theory believe is the military annex.

Additionally, the basement of DIA may not be the basement after all. After gaining access to the underground tunnels commonly by airport staff, Alex Christopher and Phil Schneider claim that the tunnels were hot, not cool like a basement – a possible sign of many floors below the supposed basement of the airport. As well, many parts of the tunnels were left supposedly unused and blocked off by fences – perhaps a sign of something, possibly bunkers, hidden underneath the airport.

Oddly enough, President Obama visited Denver Sept. 27, 2011 to visit Colorado on a three-state tour of the West to fundraise – at least, that was the official reason. Conspiracy theorists, however, note the president’s visit could have been a coverup for the real reason for his visit: either to avoid Comet Elenin or conduct a secret nuclear test. The two theories pertaining to Obama’s visit are similar in that both – if you believe that the airport is on top of a military annex – could have happened at DIA. Obama, theorists believe, could have been hiding in a bunker at DIA in case Elenin caused irreparable damage to Earth. As well, he could have conducted the nuclear tests in the underground tunnels of the airport.

The airport itself has addressed four of the conspiracy theories surrounding it – that it was built by the new world order, is the illuminati headquarters, gives apocalyptic clues and that aliens are housed in the underground tunnels – in a new marketing campaign. Interestingly enough, DIA officials do not address the theory that it is a military annex in the campaign.

Perhaps this conspiracy is true. After all, it is based less on the supernatural and more on government secrets. It is all but guaranteed that the government hides things from its citizens – perhaps a military annex beneath DIA is included in those secrets.

Could the fact that DIA has not addressed the supposed military annex be yet another cover up from the government? That’s for you to decide.

Savannah Hawley

Savannah Hawley is the Managing Editor and Chief Copy Editor of The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: Literature & Theory and French.

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