Fall Festivities: Fashion review

Fall is now undeniably here and that means cozy sweaters, cute jeans and stylish boots are too. Some of the fall fashion trends I have been loving for 2018 are bright colored sweaters, heeled short boots and patterned pants, specifically animal prints.

Neon sweaters have added a bit of color to a season that tends to echo only deep reds and dull oranges. I love to pair a bright purple or yellow sweater with my fall overalls and some converse or boots. It’s a warm and stylish look for  cold months.  

Aerie by American Eagle has a great selection of colors that are crazy soft and warm. Zara also offers thinner turtleneck sweaters for layering with darker coats and jeans or cute skirts.

Boots are a must for autumn and there are so many varieties that it’s hard to pick just one favorite. Suede booties are super popular this season. Dark ones are great for pairing with any outfit because it’s hard to clash with a dark black or brown. Steve Madden always sells reliable and somewhat affordable shoes that will last multiple seasons, and since boots are always a staple, these are a great investment for any wardrobe. Booties go with anything and everything–I usually pair them with jeans and a sweater.

Thigh-high boots are also a bold and great statement shoe to keep on hand from last season. They add a lengthening element to your outfit and and maintain warmth. Aldo sells thigh high boots that have a workable heel–as in, you can still walk in them and not fall or break an ankle–and stay up on your thigh even after adjusting the tightness. Thigh-highs look great with a sweater dress or tighter skirt for going out on the weekends. For a less-dressy outfit, you could pair them with a large t-shirt or t-shirt dress and a cute baseball hat to pull off the sporty cute style.

Patterned pants are something that I have been obsessed with this season, maybe too obsessed. Pattern pants are so easy to pair and incorporate into an otherwise mundane outfit. Adding prints to a normal outfit makes you look like you partially tried that day, when in actuality you just threw on some pants.

Leopard animal print has been a pattern that is popping up in all the popular stores. A leopard print pant with a white or black ribbed turtleneck can give you the appearance of long legs and uptown style, especially with dark sunglasses, a blazer and heels.

If you aren’t feeling animal prints, stripes are always a great way to class up an outfit. Vertical stripes can make you look slimmer and taller which is always a goal. There are so many varieties of a stripe pant that look good with heels, booties or a chic sneaker.

There are so many great fall trends rolling into this season that I have yet to try out, but are beyond adorable. These are just a couple that I love and are super versatile to use in tons of different outfits–and when you’re a college student rolling on a minimal budget, versatility is key. No matter how you dress, fall is a great season to layer up and go enjoy the pumpkin patch or fall leaves, so get out there in a soft blanket sweater and appreciate the colors of autumn.

Photo courtesy of Zara.

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