Fall Festivities: Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt

The haunted houses at Worlds of Fun are charming, cute and moderately fun. The doorways are relatively small, so you’re cramped when you walk in the houses. The floors are wooden planks, and there are plenty of wires to trip on. The walls are lined with fake cobwebs and multicolored lights.

Haunt is a place where monsters, ghouls, ghosts and many other creatures walk around Worlds of Fun while you’re enjoying the park. They hide all over and jump out to scare you. Sometimes, they’ll start to follow you without notice, which I found the scariest.

If you’re in a group, the actor may jump out to scare you, thereby missing the opportunity to scare the others in the group. I really appreciated that the haunted house was confusing to navigate and that it was kind of like a maze. My group kept bumping into another group that was also trying to figure out how to get out of the house. The best part was the jump scares provided by the actors, which were really great when it was timed correctly.

How scared you were really depended on how much the actors got into their role. For instance, there was a swamp creature whose costume was made with such care that you couldn’t tell if a human or a robot was underneath the fabric.

The Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun is a truly fun experience. The tickets are discounted–one can be as low as 38 dollars. Haunt starts after 6 p.m. and anyone 14 years of age or older can come.

Another character I found charming and scary was the person with the Jason mask, who was silent the entire time. The character would simply follow people and then turn on an extremely loud chainsaw when close.

I found Jason amusing enough until he touched my back with the chainsaw. Luckily, they remove the blade when they use the chainsaw to scare people.

Despite the exhilarating thrills, it isn’t as fun to ride the rides during Haunt because it’s dark. If you love the view the rides give you, I don’t recommend going to Haunt. However it is scarier getting on rides in the dark because they’re going quite fast and you can’t see anything.

I do recommend going on the Mamba at night. The Mamba is the tallest roller coaster at Worlds of Fun and you can see all the way to downtown Kansas City during the day.

The Mamba will take you up very high to where all you can see is darkness at night. The first drop is the scariest because it’s like free-falling and after you get over the initial fear of the drop there is an exhilarating high and all you can do is laugh and smile.

It feels like you’ve been falling for forever, but it’s been only minutes. You hear screams all around you and realize that this is what Halloween is supposed to be.

Cover photo courtesy of Worlds of Fun

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