Fantasy Football Advice: Week 5

Start ‘Em

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Yep. He’s back. I wouldn’t normally write in a quarterback in this column, but I have a feeling Tom Brady is going to make a statement this Sunday. After the long process of “Deflategate” and a questionable four game suspension, I’d imagine that Brady is mad. All I’m saying, is that I wouldn’t want to have to play against the best QB in NFL history at all, but especially not when he’s mad. Who will be the victim of Brady’s wrath come Sunday? Those poor, poor Cleveland Browns. Yeah, it’s gonna be a big day.

Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

I’m so confident about Brady’s return , that my second suggestion is going to be his top receiver. Brady and Edelman are a nearly unstoppable force, and Brady will be looking for the 5’6 slot receiver all game long on Sunday. Again, those poor, poor Browns.

Waiver Wire Targets

Steve Smith, Sr., Baltimore Ravens

What’d I tell you? Steve Smith was going to make a great comeback. On Sunday, and for the second week in a row, Smith caught eight passes. He recorded 111 yards and finally found the end zone. The Ravens offense looks to be picking up and it’d be smart to add Steve Smith before someone else takes notice of his improving play. Like I’ve said, I don’t care how old he is, what kind of injury he’s coming off of, or what any national media analyst has said. Smith is one of the most high motor players in recent memory, and he is always going to find a way to be productive.

Dion Lewis, New England Patriots

Dion Lewis is still on the mid-season IR and will be out until at least week seven. Either way, it’s smart to add him now and stash him on your roster until then. Lewis has struggled with injuries recently, but when on the field he is one of the more productive backs in the league. It’s hard not to be when you play in Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck’s offense. It should be noted that Tom Brady will be throwing passes to Lewis. If you’re not willing to bet on Lewis, that’s fine. But to bet against Tom Brady? Not smart.

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