Favorite fresh spring recipes

Photo by Anne Prebleon Unsplash

With the start of spring, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs become more readily available and help to define some of my favorite springtime recipes.

Bread is one of my favorite foods to make, and Focaccia is an easy and delicious option perfect for springtime. Traditionally, Focaccia is flavored primarily with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. Many people put their own twist by adding other herbs or vegetables, like basil or tomatoes, on top. A fun trend has recently emerged with people creating unique designs on the top of the bread with different herbs and vegetables. This bread is perfect to pair with pasta dishes or even served alone as an appetizer.

Spring rolls are easy to make and packed full of fresh vegetables, perfect for a springtime appetizer. They are traditionally made with cabbage, carrots, cucumber, peppers and whatever fresh vegetables you prefer. They do not require cooking and are easily assembled as a healthy snack – enhanced even more with a peanut dipping sauce.

Pasta primavera is an easy and fresh pasta dish studded with flavorful and seasonal vegetables, making it the perfect spring dish. It is easily customizable by choosing your favorite vegetables or those which are seasonally and locally available. You also have the option to keep the sauce light with a simple garlic lemon herb butter or a richer option like a cream-based sauce. 

One of my favorite desserts to make in the spring is a sweet and simple fruit tart. This recipe is made using only premade sugar cookie dough, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract and whatever fruit you prefer. My favorite way to top this tart is with fresh strawberries, peaches, blueberries and kiwi. Served cold, this tart is sweet and refreshing and the perfect way to end any meal on a sunny spring day.

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