Goldenberg Duo perform energetically at Jewell

Musical brother and sister Susan and William Goldenberg delivered an aurally delightful performance in the Forbis Recital Hall Oct. 18, creating an experience that was both entertaining and educational. The pair displayed incredible synchronization and great enthusiasm for their music. Between each piece they would pause to share some historical context and background on the composer of the piece.

While the majority of the pieces that the duo performed were energetic and lively, they punctuated these with softer, more rapturous pieces, including a heartfelt “Clair de Lune” solo from William Goldenberg. Other pieces include a composition for viola by composer Frank Bridge that Susan Goldenberg transcribed for violin herself and a rendition of “I Feel Pretty” from “West Side Story.”

Susan Goldenberg prefaced the latter by referencing the recent 100th birthday of composer Leonard Bernstein, whom she had the exciting experience of working with and declaring, “I do feel pretty tonight!” before putting on a sparkly hair ornament for the performance, much to the delight of the audience.

The duo concluded their concert with a surprise, unlisted piece specially dedicated to William Jewell College’s own Tony Brandolino, thanking him for inviting them. 

Cover photo courtesy of Alliance Française Kansas City.

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