Hilltop Monitor wins 25 awards at MCMA annual conference

Christina Kirk, Cassie Hays, and Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe accepting awards at the MCMA conference in 2019. All three received awards at this year’s ceremony. Photo courtesy of the Hilltop Monitor.

After having to cancel their annual conference due to the stay-at-home order in place, representatives from the Missouri College Media Association announced the 2020 awards for student journalists and publications statewide through a Facebook video livestream April 7. For the second year running, The Hilltop Monitor dominated the ceremony, winning 25 total awards and being recognized as the best small college newspaper in the state with its categories’ “Sweepstakes” award. 

These awards are considered to be among the most prestigious available to student journalists and are granted by the state branch of the College Media Association, the official organization recognizing collegiate newspapers nationwide. 

Divisions for this contest are determined by the number of students enrolled at the institute at the time of judging. This year the Monitor was placed in division three up against Avila University, Culver-Stockton College, Evangel University, Missouri Valley College and Park University. 

A list of awards won by The Hilltop Monitor can be found below: 


The Hilltop Monitor Staff, first place

News writing

Archer Wright, third place, “William Jewell College sells air waves for the creation of a 24-hour classical music station

Maddie McCormick, second place, “New Partnership with Liberty Hospital means better care for injured athletes

Tavarus Pennington, first place,Free bus fare for Kansas City residents weighs access vs. affordability” 

Editorial Writing

Kenton Fox, third place, “A case for radical inclusivity” 

Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe and Christina Kirk, second place, “Letter from the Editors: Press freedom and the importance of distinguishing opinions from facts

Sports Writing

Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, honorable mention, “Jewell announces addition of powerlifting and CrossFit™ programs beginning 2020

In-Depth News Reporting

Kyler Schardein, third place,National Emergency sparks controversy

Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, first place, “Atypical financial approach increases Jewell’s financial flexibility in the long run” 

Investigative Reporting

Maddie McCormick, second place, “Students raise concerns about on-campus housing policy” 

Christina Kirk, Madison Carroll and Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, first place, “An in-depth look at sexual assault at Jewell in light of recent allegations” 


Jenna Hultgren, second place, “‘Bachelor’ franchise chooses yet another white lead

Rachel Bell. first place,OCD isn’t about organizing, and you probably don’t have it” 

Sports Column

Robert Hemphill, honorable mention, “Not just a game: The rise of E-Sports” 

Entertainment Review

Audrey Mapes, honorable mention,‘Captain Marvel’ and empowerment by imperialism

William Humphrey, third place, “Album Review: ‘Free Spirit’

Tavarus Pennington, second place,Hulu’s ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’

News Photography

Hannah Koehler, honorable mention,Collections: A visual journey of art through the eyes of Sherry Whetstone-McCall” 

Hannah Koehler, honorable mention, New policy brings pets to campus

Feature Photography

Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, first place, “24-Hour theatre festival wows audiences at Jewell

Nonpolitical/Entertainment Cartoon

Kitt Wilhelm, third place, “Kitt’s Toons #15

Kitt Wilhelm, second place, “Kitt’s Toons #13

Kitt Wilhelm, first place, “Kitt’s Toons #17” 

Information Graphic

Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, first place, “Students raise concerns about on-campus housing policy

Website Design
Cassie Hayes and Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, second place, The Hilltop Monitor

Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe

Sofia is a senior chemistry and communication major at William Jewell College. Currently she serves as the Editor in Chief of the Hilltop Monitor.

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