Homecoming week: Greene Games

Homecoming week is underway here at Jewell and the Green Games were on Monday the 23rd. It is a way for all Greek life and independents to demonstrate their spirit and participate in fun and interactive games. This year the homecoming representatives added an extra event, which was a shopping cart relay. The pairings were Alpha Gamma Delta and Kappa Alpha, FIJI and Zeta Tau Alpha and Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Zeta, and the freshman and independents.

There were six events that were held along with a flag competition and a spirit stick. FIJI and ZTA won the spirit stick and Gam and KA won the flag competition. The first event was a human pyramid and each team was judged on two attempts. Gam and KA won the human pyramid competition, and DZ and LCA won the tug of war competition. The next events were the egg toss and the hula hoop competition. FIJI and ZTA won the hula competition and the freshman and independents won the egg toss. Finally, this year the homecoming representatives incorporated a shopping cart relay that was a lot of fun. Members of each team were separated throughout the track and the shopping carts were treated like batons. However, at each checkpoint, a cinder block was added to the cart to make it more challenging. In the end, KA and Gam pulled ahead and won that event.

The Green Games were a lot of fun and allowed each team to represent their theme and demonstrate Jewell pride and spirit. 

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