Fall fashion on a college budget

Sydney Bass sporting her thrifted finds
Photo courtesy of Hannah Koehler

While fall weather may not be here for another month or so, fall fashion has arrived. So bring out the tubs of cable knit sweaters, circle scarves and beanies – and immediately throw them out, because fall fashion has taken a real turn. Here I will tell you how to follow and thrift these fashion finds so you can stay cute and not break the bank. The biggest new trends that are present in fall 2019 are colored leather, checks and cinched waists. 

Colored leather can seem a bit intimidating and odd, but stick with me. Swapping a normal black leather jacket out for a dark blue leather jacket can add a bit of color to your outfit and give you a new fresh look. The big New York designers went as far as making colored leather dresses and blouses, but you don’t have to go that far. 

Next we have checks, which are like a classier take on cozy plaid. If you know what Burberry is, this trend is just that print on everything you own. Checks are super present in oversized trench coats and longer skirts. Think ‘90’s men’s wear meets ‘70’s suits and you have what the big names like Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana were wanting. But we’re all college students, so we might tame the suits down a bit. You can always opt for a cute oversized blazer and pair it with some dark jeans or even print ones. 

Cinched waists are so clean and cute for anyone to rock, so I’m beyond pumped for this trend. The possibilities are endless since scarves as belts are in, and chunky belts are making a comeback. A long oversized black shirt with a thick detailed belt and black heeled boots could be the cutest, comfiest fall outfit. This is also a very easy trend to get with. All you have to do is throw a belt on your outfit or do a simple front tuck and boom – you’re trendy. 

A lot of the big reporters are calling this fall “sad girl autumn” because of its retreat back into dark colors and oversizeness, and I’m not mad about it. We need a break from hot girl summer, and this is the perfect way to transition. Other notable trends are – surprise, surprise – animal print, the color lavender, feathers, lace, satin, and an asymmetrical neckline – which is a slight nod to the early 2000’s. This fall seems like it’s going to be a combination of all the great eras, which makes thrifting these recycled trends even easier.

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