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Jeremy Hofman, a first year Oxbridge institutions and policy major, shares with the Monitor his passion for civil rights, along with his biggest fears, goals and aspirations. Hofman is involved in many student organizations here at Jewell, such as jazz band, Student Senate, Jewell Democrats and the Feminist Club. Hofman was very engaging, as his passion for his hopeful career fuels the conversation.


What is your life goal and how you will get there?

“My goal in life is to be a judge. I am very passionate about American government, specifically the American justice system. However, I am often disturbed with flaws and injustices which occur in American court rooms. People of low socio-economic standing and racial minorities often experience a tainted form of justice and I would like to positively impact this one day when I become a judge. After Jewell I hope to go to law school and then become a public defender because I think it is important that people who cannot afford lawyers still get someone who will properly represent them.”

What is your biggest fear? 

“My biggest fear is death of a loved one, because the people around me make my life extremely dope. Losing someone close to me would put me in a position I’ve never been in before, and I wouldn’t be good at handling it.”


What is your biggest struggle thus far at Jewell? 

“Starting out knowing nobody after having a really close and supportive group of friends at my high school. I grew up with these people and felt comfortable with them- so it took a while to feel comfortable here at Jewell. Luckily, I was placed with a very easy going roommate, Jacob Dice, and he was a good first friend at Jewell, who helped me meet many other people. “


What gives you hope? 

“The fact that I am extremely young and still have so much time, to work on myself and achieve the things I want to. Also, if I am really having a rough time it is nice knowing that I can always go to my family for support. I am lucky enough to have extremely supportive parents and siblings whom I can always talk to for comfort and good advice.”


Where in the world would you go if you had no limitations? 

“If I could go anywhere I would go to Jerusalem because some of the international issues that seem most urgent at this time can be experienced first-hand in this city. I am really interested in being able to empathize with different types of people, specifically those who are experiencing hardship because of international policy. Since I am an American and our country has the potential to influence positive change in the feuding region, I would love the opportunity to seek to really understand what the people of this region are going through. Also, Jerusalem has a lot of historical significance and I would love to see the landmarks that are significant to three of the most widely practiced religions globally.”


Who are some people that you relate to and admire?

“I would pick Leslie Knope because her constant positivity and persistence inspires me. I would also pick FDR because he is my favorite president. He steered our nation in a great direction at a very difficult time. I would also request that he bring his dog, Fala, because all dogs are fantastic, especially presidential dogs. My third pick is Theodore from “Alvin and the Chipmunks” simply because he just gets me.”

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