Photo Feature: Mid America Indian Fellowship gathering

During the second day of the Mid America Indian Fellowship, Denise Sloan explains to a groups of students the significance behind her various tattoos and jewelry items.

Participating in craft time, an elder member of the Indian fellowship instructs other individuals in how to properly wrap feathers.

Burning sage to purify herself, Denise Sloan has a moment of reflection with the heavens before participating in the water ceremony.

Attempting to bring equality to indigenous people, Peter Francis shares his memories of traveling to North Dakota and experiencing the pipeline protests.

Overwhelmed with joy, first time attendee Bobby reminisces on of some of the hardships that he has overcome and shares how thankful he is to be attending the fellowship.

As 6 year old Sophia points to Peter Francis after a game of stickball, she asks him “Why do you have those lines on your face.” Francis is an artist who tattoos traditional art pieces on his own body including his face, hand, and abdomen.

With no audience in mind, one of the fellowship members played a calming song right before the closing drum and talking circle.

Moments before the dance ceremony, Jan shares with William Jewell students that she is the lead singer in a local rock-n-roll cover band called.

During the second morning of the fellowship, high school senior AJ teaches the attendees of the fellowship how to speak the native language of the tribes.

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