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“The Royals players don’t seem as young and are more real when you see them in person with their families,” said Semple Resident Director Greg Irr after attending the Royals World Series parade Monday. The Irr family of three made this Kansas City celebration into a lifetime memory.

Irr’s wife Emily Phillips and son Perry accompanied him to the parade. Depart time from Semple Hall was 9:30 A.M.

From left to right: Greg, Perry, and Emily Irr

From left to right: Greg, Perry and Emily Irr

“We thought we should go because we didn’t know if it would happen again,” said Phillips. The Irr family were three of the estimated 800,000 spectators, close to twice KC’s population.

Perry Irr will be turning one year old this Thanksgiving and recently learned how to wave. The waves were ready just in time to cheer on the Royals players and their families as the team paraded in trunks through downtown Kansas City.

“We were thinking of not going,” said Irr. “We decided to take him so that one day he’ll have the pictures.”

Perry Irr

All photos by Chandler Eaton

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