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Twitter’s “Find People” feature can only go so far. Instagram’s three suggestions are often three of the same thing. If you need a little more variety in your endless feed of selfies and hashtags, here are some options, after following The Hilltop Monitor, of course, that are worth checking out:

Kansas City (@VisitKC)

The Kansas City metro is huge, and, for those on campus who aren’t from the area, there’s a lot to discover. The aim of Visit KC’s Twitter account is to let you know what’s happening and possibly give you some ideas for a night out. In addition, being a Kansas City native and sports fanatic myself, the numerous Royals-related Tweets as of late are much appreciated.

On The Roofs (Instagram: ontheroofs)

Vadim Makharov isn’t just any dime-a-dozen, GoPro-wielding Instagram photographer. As his account name implies, Makhorov likes to get up really, really high. Many of his “On The Roofs” photos are simple: climb up, find a ledge, point down and take a surreal picture of the street below. In addition to the vertigo-inducing shots, Markhorov captures mountains, cityscapes and architecture from a much safer ground-level view.

India #ontheroofs

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The Bespoke Dudes (Instagram: fabioattanasio)

It’s hard not to find the endless flood of fashion bloggers on Instagram, but outside of any accounts run by retail stores, men’s fashion seems to be thrown by the wayside. Not so with Italian eyeglasses designer Fabio Attanasio, who is attempting to revive older styles of men’s formal wear. And this isn’t one of your super-hipsters who looks like they are perpetually wearing Halloween costumes. Attanasio’s “sartorial classicism” style is both realistic for everyday wear and super slick. Combine that with typical Italian landscapes and food, and you’ve got one cool Instagram account.



If following the Pope brings you closer to God, then following NASA makes you smarter. Most governmental science agencies have Twitter accounts also worth following, but NASA’s is one of the more active and popular accounts. You’ll find posts about upcoming astronomical events, scientific articles, and breathtaking pictures. It’s worth a look even if you aren’t a sucker for everything space-related.

SportsCenter (Instagram: sportscenter)

ESPN’s flagship program maintains a very active Instagram account. Keep up with stats, game times, must-watch plays, gaffes and other sports-related information amid your typical photographic traffic. Everything from American football to the World Armwrestling Federation is covered. For those of you who are less sports-inclined, posts will help you keep up with which sports are in season. The strangely muscular athletes may even encourage a health kick.

Gregg Popovich's response when asked if he watched the World Series last night…

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National Geographic (Instagram: natgeo)

An obvious choice, National Geographic covers just about anything on the solar system’s most interesting planet. This isn’t your father’s National Geographic though. The pictures of nature and everyday human life aren’t missing, but now you’ll find things like a nuclear control room, stills from old film strips and descriptions of people they meet, Humans of New York style. There’s even coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis, making every photo caption a must-read. It’s a little bit of everything, and it all looks amazing.

Twitter’s Parody Accounts

The only reason I didn’t quit Twitter a week after making my account was the discovery of something wonderful: the parody account. These accounts can include anyone from Henry Tudor (@KngHnryVIII) to Michael Scott (@Da_MichaelScott). Some of the ones I’ve personally liked are Florida Man (@_FloridaMan), Chaucer Doth Tweet (@LeVosterGC), Church Curmudgeon (@ChurchCurmudgeon) and Modern Seinfeld (@SeinfeldToday). There are plenty out there, so find one that you like and start laughing.

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