Jewell celebrates student honors, Thais Quiroga named Faculty Award winner

On Friday, April 26, William Jewell College hosted its annual Celebration of Honors. The event, held the day of Colloquium, is a chance for the College to honor student achievement in various fields. It features awards given for various disciplines, student celebration in music and the presentation of the Faculty Award winner.

The 2019 Faculty Award winner is Thais Quiroga, senior Oxbridge: History of Ideas and international relations major. Quiroga is graduating as a member of Mortar Board and the Phi Epsilon honor society and is graduating with honors in international relations.

Thais Quiroga smiles as she receives the Faculty Award plaque. Photo by Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe

Throughout her time at Jewell, Quiroga founded Mi Gente – the Latinx community at Jewell, was president of philosophy club, chaired College Union Activities, has been a resident assistant and has been involved in Jewell’s discussions of diversity and inclusion.

After graduating, she plans on returning to her home of La Paz, Bolivia, before pursuing a master’s in international development at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Switzerland, in the fall. She has a passion for giving back to her home country, and she plans on eventually returning to Bolivia to apply her studies.

Information about the other impressive Faculty Award finalists can be seen in this article.

The music for the Celebration of Honors was provided by students. Alexis Mann, Cara Ellman, Alex Rosell, Fionna Pillow, Jacqueline Parson, Parker Jenkins and Jonathan Daniel all showed incredible talent through their celebrations in music.

Cara Ellman (left) and Alex Rosella’s sing at the Honors Convocation. Photo by Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe

The complete list of award winners is as follows.

Awards in Biology:

Dr. Burdette L. Wagenknecht Award for an outstanding first-year biology major – William White

Charles F. J. Newlon Award for an outstanding sophomore biology major – Elizabeth Ellis

Monte Harmon Award for an outstanding junior biology major – Hayley Knapp

Dr. Burnell Landers Award for an outstanding senior biology major – Katherine Hays

Dr. Judith A. Dilts Award for an outstanding senior biology major – Kylie Jorgensen

Awards in Business and Leadership:

Hastings L. Schies Memorial Scholarship for a deserving junior or senior female student majoring in business administration or finance who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement – Lexie Stull

Walter J. Stark Award for development in business studies – Madelynne Greenstreet

John W. Boatwright Scholars to students majoring in economics – Katie Bird, Hunter Forkum

Boatwright Economics Leadership Scholar to student majoring in economics – Jacob Shutts

Otis and Florence Miller Academic Award for the senior graduating with the highest GPA in accounting, business or economics – Lisa Erhart

Accounting Faculty Award for the outstanding senior in accounting – Collin Kasitz

Business Faculty Award for the outstanding senior in business administration – William Davis

Economics Faculty Award for the outstanding senior in economics – Jacob Dice

E. Anne Earnest Nonprofit Leadership Award for the outstanding senior in nonprofit leadership – Taylor Ekart

Awards in Chemistry and Biochemistry:

Outstanding First-Year Student in Chemistry – Megan Rohrer

James R. Eaton Memorial Scholarship for achievement as a chemistry major –  Alexis Emery, Cara Kingman, Ian McBride, Katie Parrott, Christopher Seward

Frank H. Fristoe Scholarship for achievement in chemistry – Sofia Arthurs-Shoppe, Ryan Hoffman, John Parmer, Benjamin Pautler, Elizabeth Ruark

Outstanding Biochemistry Majors – Catherine Cogley, Macyn Wilbers

Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry – Samantha Fulte

Awards in Communication and Theater:

Austin Cooper Edwards Acting Awards – Emma Mayfield, Caroline Seitz

Virginia D. Rice Award for excellence in theatre throughout the year – Joseph Duncan

Kim Harris Golden Hammer Award for excellence in technical theatre – Joseph Duncan

Alpha Psi Omega Key Award for four years of service to Jewell Theatre Company – Kyra Little

Richard L. Harriman Theatre Scholarship for outstanding theatre students – Sequoia Crissman, Jaimeson Satterfield

The Department of Communication and Theatre Outstanding Senior Debater Awards – Ethan Hawn, Haley Uttley

The Murphy Award for Excellence for a senior communication major planning a career in law – Haley Uttley

The Kim and Lois Anne Harris Department of Communication and Theatre Outstanding Senior Award – Haley Uttley

Awards in Education:

Chad Garrison “Reach Out and Touch Someone” Award for an education major who has demonstrated sensitivity and compassion for others through volunteer service – Carman Stephenson

Lutie Chiles Elementary Education Award for an outstanding sophomore in elementary education – Lillian Frevert

Ida Coffman Education Award for an outstanding junior in elementary education – Brittany Marr

Outstanding Junior in Secondary Education – Shannon Carney

Outstanding Seniors in Elementary Education – Molly Meeks, Abigail Shultz

Outstanding Senior in Secondary Education – Rosalyn Smith

Awards in English:

Pinkerton-Rick Scholarship for English majors entering the senior year who have contributed to the English department through creative thinking and helpfulness – Brielle Buntin

Outstanding Senior English Major Award – Becca Saffier

Award in History:

U. R. Pugh Memorial Scholarship for achievement as a history major – Kaitlyn Harken

Awards in Languages:

Spanish Research Award for scholarly achievement in literary and cultural study – Rachel Forrester

Outstanding Senior in Spanish for graduating major with a record of excellence – Jacqueline Leonard

Awards in Mathematics:

George A. Ross Mathematics Award for senior mathematics majors with highest academic records in mathematics – Matthew Martel, Denver Strong

Awards in Music:

Ida and Maybelle Glenn Art/Music Scholarship for outstanding achievement to someone preparing to teach music – Christina Vogler

Edward Lakin Music Theory Award for the student with the highest GPA in the first year of music theory courses – Laurence Dahlsten

Linda L. Thomssen String Award for an outstanding string player – Rachel Harris

The Wes & Ginger Forbis Award for juniors in music – Spencer Ruwe, Christina Vogler

The Dean Wilder Voice Award for music majors with special consideration for students who study or participate in vocal performance and who demonstrate leadership qualities – Riley Findley, Alexandra Rosell

The Collegiate Artists Competition for winners of an annual competition who will perform a solo with the Liberty Symphony Orchestra – Riley Findley, Rachel Harris

Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity Scholastic Award for a senior in the Gamma Psi chapter with the highest GPA – Lydia Sturges

Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity Collegiate Honor Award for a senior demonstrating outstanding musicianship, scholarship and fraternity service – Alexis Mann

Awards in Nursing:

Awards for Integrity – (BSN) Kelsey Jepson, (BSN-AT) Madison Willenborg

Awards for Compassion – (BSN) Maria Schollmeyer, (BSN-AT) Elisa Diaz

Awards for Scholarship – (BSN) Rachel Kirch, (BSN-AT) Kristina Moen

Anne Bax Ozbolt Awards for Servant Leadership – (BSN) Olivia Haug, (BSN-AT) Khalilah Henderson

Awards for Excellence in Practice – (BSN) Shalynn Thomas, (BSN-AT) Brian Bridgeford, Jr.

Mary Grant Seacole Awards for Service – (BSN) Natalie Closser, (BSN-AT) Joseph Reith

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award – (BSN) Rachel Binder, (BSN-AT) Matthew Griffith

Outstanding Nursing Student Award – (BSN) Dylan McCloud-Lewis, (BSN-AT) Megan Kugler

Missouri League for Nursing Ambassador Award – Shelby Reddick

Leesa A. McBroom Spirit of Nursing Book Award – (BSN) Rachel Pavlonnis, (BSN-AT) Mykayla Moeschen

Awards in Physics:

The Charles Don Geilker Feynman Lectures Award for an outstanding first-year physics student – Graham Chambers-Wall

James R. Eaton Memorial Scholarships for achievement as sophomore or junior physics majors – Catherine Dema, Caeley Pittman

C. D. Geilker Award for achievement in the sophomore physics course majoring in physics, physics education or dual-degree engineering – Grant Ryals

John E. Davis Sigma Pi Sigma Award for a senior physics major with the highest level of achievement in physics – Megan Anderson

Outstanding Senior Physics Major Award – Jacob Dice, Denver Strong

Awards in Political Science:

Outstanding First-Year Student in Political Science – Zachary Mertes

Outstanding Sophomores in Political Science – Madison Carroll, Jackson Still

Outstanding Junior in Political Science – Margo Evilsizor

Outstanding Seniors in Political Science – Zachary Carroll, Susanna DeHaven

Dr. Will Adams Scholarship for an outstanding political science major – Lexie Stull

Awards in Psychological Science:

Distinguished Graduates in Psychological Science – Jacqueline Parson, Olivia Tolberd

Premier Graduate in Psychological Science – Kayla Harrell

Student Publications Awards:

The Hilltop Monitor Newcomer Award – Michaela Esau

The Hilltop Monitor Maverick Award – Tavarus Pennington

The Hilltop Monitor Multimedia Award – Kathryn Wilhelm

The Hilltop Monitor Community Engagement Award – Hannah Koehler

The Hilltop Monitor Journalistic Integrity Award – Catherine Dema

The Hilltop Monitor Outreach Award – Cassie Hayes

The Hilltop Monitor Creative Content Award – Madison Carroll

The Hilltop Monitor Style and Instruction Award – Savannah Hawley

The Hilltop Monitor Artistic Vision Award – Harper Vincent

The Hilltop Monitor Column-of-the-Year Award – Anna Warner

The Hilltop Monitor Photography Award – Mykala Crews

The Hilltop Monitor Excellence in Journalism Award – Julia Yamate Geminiano de Almeida

The Hilltop Monitor Editorial Leadership Award – Sofia Arthurs-Shoppe, Christina Kirk

Inscape Poem of the Year – Anna Warner

Inscape Short Story of the Year – Audrey Mapes

Inscape Creative Nonfiction of the Year – Erin Spurgeon

Inscape Fine Art of the Year (Visual Art, Digital Art or Music) – Nicholas LaDue

Inscape Outstanding Editor Award – Heather Pennington

The John and Mary Pritchard Humanitarian Service Awards:

The Award annually goes to one or more William Jewell students who commit to engaging with people in need, developing relationships with people different from them in all fundamental aspects and learning about their unique gifts and about what God calls them to do with those gifts.

Margo Evilsizor, Jameson Howard, Reid Kiger, Sierra Sanchez

Mortar Board:

National honor society demonstrating ideals of leadership, scholarship and service. Members must meet ideals of the society and have a GPA in the top 35 percent of the class

Megan Anderson, Rachel Binder, Anna Borgert, EmmaRae King Carroll, Jonathan Daniel, Susanna DeHaven, Emily Dema, Taylor Ekart, Lisa Erhart, Rachel Forrester, Haley Hart, Olivia Haug, Ethan Hawn, Kellsie Herrmann, Emily Hicks, Rachel Kirch, Mitchell Lummis, Payton Meeks, Jacqueline Parson, Elise Pierce, Thais Quiroga, Shelby Reddick, Zoee Risdal, Haley Sloan, Rosalyn Smith, Lakie Spencer, Emma Staebell, Denver Strong, Carson Trent, Haley Uttley

Phi Epsilon Honor Society:

Students graduating in the top ten percent of the class based on institutional GPA and a minimum of 60 credit hours at William Jewell College.

Ashlyn Bashore, Rebecca Blair, EmmaRae King Carroll, Zachary Carroll, Jonathan Daniel, William Davis, Susanna DeHaven, Emily Dema, Lisa Erhart, Rachel Forrester, Collin Kasitz, Rachel Kirch, Jacqueline Leonard, Blake Lines, Dylan McCloud-Lewis, Thais Quiroga, Becca Saffier, Rosalyn Smith, Denver Strong, Lydia Sturges, Carson Trent

Graduating with Honors:

Graduating with Honors in Biochemistry – Samantha Fulte

Graduating with Honors in Business – Lisa Erhart, Corbin Grimes

Graduating with Honors in Education – Jacqueline Leonard

Graduating with Honors in English – Ashlyn Bashore

Graduating with Honors in International Relations – Thais Quiroga

Graduating with Honors in Mathematics – Denver Strong

Graduating with Honors in Music – Meghan Recker

Graduating with Honors in Nursing – Paige Soukup

Graduating with Honors in Oxbridge: Institutions and Policy – Zachary Carroll, Emily Hicks

Graduating with Honors in Oxbridge: Molecular Biology – Haley Hart

Graduating with Honors in Physics – Jacob Dice

Graduating with Distinction in Religion – Zachary Carroll

Graduating in the Oxbridge Honors Program:

Megan Anderson, EmmaRae King Carroll, Zachary Carroll, Jonathan Daniel, Emily Dema, Haley Hart, Emily Hicks, Alexis Mann, Audrey Mapes, Thais Quiroga, Taylor Tummons, Harper Vincent, Anna Warner

Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships:

Rhodes Global Scholarship Finalist – Thais Quiroga

Goldwater Fellow – Caeley PittmanFulbright Scholar – Benjamin Shinogle ‘17


Catherine Dema

Catherine Dema is the page editor for Features & Investigations on The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and physics.

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