While most students at William Jewell College recognize and know what the unique factors the College are, many applicants have yet to discover these qualities. It is the job of the Office of Admissions to present the College to prospective students and leave them with a lasting impression.

The Oxbridge Honors Program and three-year Degree Program are two academic programs unique to Jewell. However, the Kansas City area has its own advantages to students looking to complete their undergraduate degree.

“The city of Liberty offers a great deal of support to our institution and our students. It is also a very safe and nurturing community. At the same time, we are one of the few private Liberal Arts colleges in the region in close proximity to a major metropolitan area. Kansas City is one of the most vibrant, hip cities in America right now and has received a great deal of positive publicity for its innovative spirit, commitment to the arts, outstanding food and overall livability,” said Dr. Brian Haines, assistant dean of communications at WJC.

In addition to unique entertainment, Kansas City provides numerous employment opportunities.

“There are more than 82,000 employers within a 30 mile radius of campus which leads to more internship and job opportunities for our students,” said Haines.

Mechanical engineering is the latest program the College has to offer. The Office of Admissions has one admissions’ counselor, Becky Poskin, dedicated to recruiting students for this program.

“She is working hard to build strategic partnerships in the Kansas City area with professional and educational groups focused on engineering and STEM related fields,” said Haines.

In addition, the office is attending various high school fairs in order to promote their new program in the Kansas City area.

The Office of Admission’s recommended deadline for students is Dec. 1, and their goal for the number of applications on that date is 1,275. Since there is no actual closing date for the application, the Office could receive as many as 1,900 applications by May 2016.

The goal for the number of admitted first-year students is 1,040. Based on industry and historical data, the Office anticipates about 28 percent of those students who are accepted will enroll.

“We would like to have 305 first-year students at the start of the Fall 2016 semester,” said Haines.

Comparatively, the number of first-year students currently enrolled is relatively small at approximately 250.

“We have implemented a number of new strategies in the past 16 months that are having a positive impact on our recruiting numbers this year,” said Haines.

The Office of Admissions has finely tuned the data regarding prospective students and continue to build their communication strategy, whether that be through print, email, phone or social media. Another recent recruitment strategy is Jewell’s updated website, which offers a virtual tour and photos displaying prominent aspects of the College’s Student Life.

The events Admissions hosts throughout the year, with the help of Jewell students such as the Cardinal Blazers, are helpful in impressing prospective students.

“We have a fantastic team of people in the Office of Admissions working together toward a common goal and have tremendous support from the students, faculty and staff on this amazing campus,” said Haines.