Mixed feelings about the new “Scream Queens”

Courtesy of Fox “Scream Queens” was right for all of the wrong reasons. With main characters played by actors like Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Keke Palmer, this show definitely had some potential.

With a new semester starting, the Kappa House is hit with a string of murders. This sorority is the most sought-after house for the new women, but Dean Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) rules that everyone can a pledge. This makes everyone question whether the queen of the sorority, Chanel (Emma Roberts), who is trying to get even, is really still in charge. Not only is Chanel trying to stay on top, but a killer dressed in a devil costume is killing off the Kappas one-by-one.

I assumed that this was going to be a constant guessing game of “who’s the killer?” which it was, but not in the way I assumed. It was actually pretty funny and just clever enough that sometimes I was questioning motives, but other times I just knew who the killer was. Now what may have made this show for me is the fact that there was a whole scene in which Nick Jonas worked out shirtless. So, Fox, the ladies of the world would like to thank you.

There were a few things that made the show a little questionable for me, mainly, the fact that there were musicians in it such as Lea Michele, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas, but there was zero singing. You can’t put the three singers that always sound flawless in a show and not let them sing. Also, sitting through multiple people dying for an hour and a half just to find out in the last five seconds that they might not be dead? Talk about a cliffhanger.

Overall, I would give this show 3.5 stars. The death scenes were a little too gory and there were one too many jokes about having sex with a corpse for my liking. The things that compensated for this were the over-dramatized relationships and the stupid one-liners that weren’t that funny but for some reason made me crack up. It was surprisingly well-written for a modern horror show. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it wasn’t as serious as “American Horror Story.”

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