Football transfers discuss what brought them to Jewell

This spring semester, William Jewell College welcomed two transfer players to the football team: Logan Dodd, a first-year secondary education major with a focus on history, and Octavion Phelps, junior accounting major.

Dodd is a defensive back from Texas and aspires to teach and be a football coach. When asked about his decision to change schools, he said he didn’t like his old college location.

“I just found a fit here, and I really liked, liked the people and thought it was a good fit for me,” he said.

He found Jewell while still in high school.

“I had been talking to coaches when I was in high school about coming to play, and I talked to my friends about coming to play here. But I didn’t really get recruited then, and I didn’t really think about them when I first came out of high school. But when I first decided to transfer I got in touch with the coaches, and it worked out pretty well,” said Dodd. 

Dodd is already excited about his new team’s potential.

“The team I played on was really good. I can already tell that I really like the guys, and I wouldn’t say there’s much of a difference, the athletes are really good people, we should be really good, honestly. We should be able to surprise some people this year.  I’m excited about it,” he said.

About the differences of colleges overall, he spoke about routine and how he prefers Jewell’s location.

“We wake up really early in the morning, like 5:30 a.m./6:00 a.m. everyday, that’s different, but you get used to it after a couple of weeks,” said Dodd.

“My old school was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, this school is right outside of Kansas City which I just love it. I really love the location and the stuff there is to do,” he said.

Another big change for Dodd is the academic environment.

“I’d probably say that juggling academics, since the school is really high academically and it’s really challenging, it’s awesome and I love it. And balance that with being social and having friends, you can’t just be doing school work all the time. That part is challenging, but I like it,” he said.

He also said he doesn’t miss much form Northwestern College.

“I transferred for a reason,and this is actually closer to home for me, it’s not that much closer, but it’s closer. My parents can come see me play a little bit more, which is nice. I have no regrets so far.”

We ended the interview with these last words.

“I’m really glad to be here, and I’m really loving it so far, and I’m really excited to spend the next couple years here.”

William Jewell College is Phelps’s third college. The main reasons he came here is the social environment and the coaching staff. Phelps is a receiver who has experience playing at the Division I and Junior College level of football, and looks to bring this experience into the Jewell system. 

“[Jewell] has a bigger campus and better students,” he said. “I haven’t really got to know the team, we just do workouts. But I feel like they are great players. And they gave me a warm welcome to the team. Like, certain players called me and texted to make sure everything was good, when I first got here.”

Not everything is ideal on the hill for Phelps, he said his only problems during his transition are “the cold weather, and being away from home.”

Photo by Mykala Crews.

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