Jewell introduces True Transfer program to ease transition for transfer students

William Jewell College’s True Transfer program is aiming to ease the transition for transfer students that have obtained associate degrees from local Kansas City metro community colleges. The program – added this past academic year – is designed for students trying to finish the last two years of the collegiate education experience.

Jewell’s official webpage for True Transfer states the program’s guiding ethos: “William Jewell believes your tuition investment should align with the work you want to do after college. No haggling, no need to maintain a scholarship, and no worry that your investment is worthwhile.”

“Transferring to Jewell is made simple with True Transfer and you’ll earn your bachelor’s degree in two years, guaranteed. Jewell has offered a 4-year graduation guarantee for over a decade. Using that same mindset, professors built pathways to leverage credits already earned without [compromising] the core outcomes of The Critical Thinking College. Four semesters is all it takes, regardless of the program you choose, guaranteed. Find your program… and see the class guides for your two years at Jewell,” continues the True Transfer webpage.

Graphic of True Transfer tuition and fees by major. From True Transfer webpage.

While the program is in its beginning stages, it offers eligibility for students with associate degrees from Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City (MCC), Johnson County Community College (JCCC) or Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC). The program offers eight different majors, including communication, history, English, nonprofit leadership, psychological science, accounting, business administration and economics.

The program description and breakdown by Jewell’s admission team is presented in bold on the website, stating the student’s ability to “leverage credits already earned without compromising the core outcomes of The Critical Thinking College,” as said in Jewell’s description of True Transfer. 

Students can identify the specific courses required to complete each specific degree, given the community college they attended, on the True Transfer webpage. The breakdown provides a full course schedule required for completing their degree in exactly two years.

Example course breakdown for an accounting degree for a student transferring from JCCC. From True Transfer webpage.

The program is in line with an overall push to increase the student population at the College. This push includes Jewell’s hiring of William Palmer, director of student recruitment, and Gina Mumpower-Turner, assistant director of admission, so far in 2020.

The current prices listed for annual tuition range from $15,000-$17,500, depending on the major. Please refer to the True Transfer webpage for more information.

Trent Brink

Trent Brink is the page editor for Sports on The Hilltop Monitor. He is a sophomore majoring in business administration.

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