A Look at Two New Student Organizations

Gender Issues and Feminism 

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Gender Issues and Feminism (GIF) is a student-led campus organization dedicated to understanding the “multiplicity of lived experiences of womanhood” and involving the campus in an ongoing discussion about important issues relating to sex and gender, the GIF cabinet explained. 

GIF is an organization which seeks to go beyond discussion – GIF is an opportunity for members to join a collective that can push for important changes on campus, such as increasing access to contraceptives and menstrual products. 

GIF has three main goals: “to critically and intersectionally examine gender issues through a feminist lens, to provide a safe and dedicated space for discussions of sex and gender-related issues” and to develop projects with the aim of bringing awareness to sex and gender-related issues, empowering marginalized voices and creating a culture on campus wherein these issues are openly and safely discussed. 

“[It] is important to us to guide our examinations of feminism and gender issues through an intersectional lens… Feminist issues, and other gender issues, are inextricably linked with the experiences of other marginalized groups. Too often feminism presumes a white, middle to upper class, straight, cis experience and strives for gender justice based on that assumption… GIF recognizes that we cannot push for change without requiring intersectionality of ourselves, of Jewell, and of our community,” the GIF cabinet said.

“[We’re] looking to see open, honest, and critical conversation about anything related to sex, gender, and feminism,” the cabinet continued. “This includes critiquing feminist ideology itself and also analyzing how we as individuals and we as a community perceive and address gender issues and sexual relationships. Our ultimate goal is to offer a positive, judgment-free, and open community where issues that can often be considered taboo or difficult to talk about can be freely discussed.”

GIF is an inclusive club that seeks to “address gender injustices on campus.” Joining this club will ensure that you are well-prepared to apply a critical feminist and intersectional approach to solve real world problems related to issues of sex and gender.

Cabinet: Catherine Dema, Engagement Chair; Madison Carroll-Porth, Events Chair; Lydia Enge, Communication Chair; and Christina Kirk, Project Management Chair. GIF is seeking a Finance Chair. 

Students for Liberty 

Students for Liberty (SFL) is a global non-profit libertarian organization dedicated to its mission to “educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty.” Sophomore Samuel Slaughter, history and secondary education major, revived Jewell’s SFL club. Slaughter wanted to create a neutral space where people could come together and start a conversation without having to take a side on an issue and “without feeling the need to always be right.”

SFL existed previously under the leadership of Parker Jenkins, ’20. Slaughter consulted with Jenkins about the potential to revive the club. SFL provides a platform on which to foster neutral, civil discourse in the political realm at Jewell. 

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“[We] will aim to be the voice of reason, love, and acceptance on campus. We will do everything in our power to make real change happen at Jewell in the coming years…,” states SFL’s Instagram page. “Liberty is fit FOR ALL.” 

SFL will hold different kinds of meetings in order to meet their mission including Tablings – where an issue will be thoroughly explored in a student-led discussion – and Circle Seminars – where one person leads the conversation on a topic and people sitting around a circle share what they think about the topic. Slaughter says if you want to join in on a “judgment free political conversation and make a real difference at Jewell” through practical action, then SFL is the club for you. 

Cabinet: Samuel Slaughter, President; Erin Watts, Vice President; Angelica Stiles, Secretary; Morgan Tuttle, Treasurer; and Paige Wright, Social Media Manager. 

Agatha Echenique

Agatha Echenique is the Chief Editor for The Hilltop Monitor. He is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and Philosophy. This is his third year on staff.

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