Kansas City plant shops: Virgil’s Plant Shop and Verdant

Photo courtesy of Claire Henry.

Kansas City is home to a handful of truly amazing plant shops. The two I visited this weekend were Virgil’s Plant shop on Cherry Street and Verdant which is in the Crossroads. Both shops offered gorgeous plants and surroundings.  

Virgil’s offers a wide variety of plants, as well as plant care tools and merchandise. They have just about any house plant you can imagine. These plants all seemed high quality and well taken after. Virgil’s Plant Shop caters to a wide audience. They have both cheap plants for the average plant parent as well as rare and expensive plants for the plant connoisseur. Notably, they had an Albino Monstera plant that caught my eye. While it was a beautiful plant, it was far out of my price range. I focused more on the large variety of cute and affordable succulents. Something else that makes Virgil’s unique is the potting station. For a small fee, the lovely employees at Virgil’s will pot your new plant for you. In the front right corner of the store, they also have a neon sign which is perfect for people to use for photos. Something that I believe gave Virgil’s a lot of charm was the polaroids they had up around the shop of past customers sitting in that space. Another thing I appreciated about the shop was its well-designed merchandise. Their tanks and t-shirts reading “Loosen your Roots” among other sayings are also available online at the store’s website. I really enjoyed visiting this shop for the first time and certainly plan on returning. 

Verdant also offers a large variety of plants and flowers. In addition, this plant shop also offers small home furnishings such as handmade ceramics and candles. Their candles are made by Convivial, another local business located in Kansas City. My favorite scent at Verdant was Lavender Seed. Something that I thought was really cool is that once you burn through your candle and bring it back to Verdant, they will give you 50% off your next candle purchase. Another thing that makes Verdant different is that they also offer flowers. The flower bouquets they had in the fridge within their shop were beautiful and well-balanced. The bouquets I enjoyed the most were the mini bouquets on the top shelf. I also appreciated the dried flowers they had for sale. This is a great alternative for someone who enjoys plants and flowers but has a hard time keeping them alive. Generally, the shop, its plants and its employees were very welcoming and I enjoyed my time there. They had a lot of small details throughout the shop that made the environment warm and inviting. Many of their ceramics and various other products are available on their website

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