Opinion: The best of The Beak

Getting reading to serve up drinks, The Beak lays out all their flavors, shots and add-ins. Photo by Koda Payton.

As a new student at William Jewell College, one of the first things I noticed was the popularity of The Beak. For those who don’t know, Jewell offers a coffee shop on campus — usually open during normal academic hours — on the third floor of the Pryor Learning Commons (PLC).

Officially being on campus for only a month, I’ve already spent my fair share of Cardinal Dollars on The Beak’s delicious drinks. I prefer their coffee drinks, as tea has never been my cup of tea. Iced coffee — a sweet, sugary and caffeinated beverage — became a favorite of mine way back in high school, and it has since become a big craving throughout a typical day in my life. I guess I could live a day without a coffee, but I won’t be happy about it! 

Now that I have daily access to The Beak, here are my three favorite drinks, how I order them and what makes them stand out to me.

Iced Crunched For Time

Crunched for Time — a macadamia nut latte — is my favorite by far. I can, and will, drink this all day every day. The drink is not too sweet, but also not bitter like other iced coffees can be. White chocolate is added in just the right amount so that the flavor doesn’t overwhelm the drink; the coffee taste is still present, despite the add-ins, and is actually enhanced by the macadamia nut and milk. I usually order the drink with oat milk, which makes the taste lighter overall.

Iced Sweet Mocha Madness

Another favorite of mine is the Sweet Mocha Madness, a white and dark chocolate latte — though this one is more of a treat than coffee to me. A decadent combination, the white and dark chocolate come together to create a chocolate-y pick-me-up that I can enjoy if I am craving a really good chocolate milk-type drink. The Sweet Mocha Madness can also tolerate milk substitutes well, so don’t be afraid to add oat milk like I do.

Iced Cardinal Grind

This was the first signature drink from The Beak that I tried — mainly because it was the first recommended to me. The combination of the mint and espresso always hits in just the right way, even though I’m not a big fan of mint. The drink boasts a minty-fresh aftertaste that combines well with the strong chocolate milk flavor. Although I wouldn’t drink it every day, I think once or twice a week is a good compromise. Since the Cardinal Grind is made with chocolate milk directly, adding a milk substitute takes away some of the signature flavor of the beverage. The Cardinal Grind, iced and hot, is a favorite at Jewell, and for good reason.

I still have a long way to go before I graduate, but until then, you will absolutely see me ordering these drinks and maybe trying new ones. 


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