Quiz: Which Roasterie drink are you?

The Roasterie coffee pots at @thebeak. Image courtesy of The Hilltop Monitor.

Which of these is your favorite flavor?

Pick a painting

How many cups of coffee do you usually consume in a day?

Photo courtesy of Total Shape. (totalshape.com)

What drink do you choose when you're not drinking coffee?

Pick a bird

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Pick a bag

What is the best type of milk?

Which plant is your favorite?

What is the best form of coffee?

Which Roasterie drink are you?
Java Jewell

You are Java Jewell! Just like the Java Jewell blend, you like to stick to your routine and are reliable. People generally like you! You are easy-going and fun to be around.
The Sweetheart Mocha

You are The Sweetheart Mocha! Just like The Sweetheart Mocha, you are kind and full of goodness. Even though people might sometimes perceive your sweetness as fake, don't worry, they just don't know how genuinely nice you are!
Betty's Recipe

You are Betty's Recipe blend! Just like Betty's Recipe, you are an especially likeable individual and have a great personality. Your friends often seek your advice and think of you as a wise individual.
Wake Up Call

You are the Wake Up Call! Just like the Wake Up Call, you are a high energy individual! You have a big personality and talk to everyone you meet. Though people are sometimes taken aback by the strength of your personality, they like you better after they get to know you.
Sweet Mocha Madness

You are Sweet Mocha Madness! Just like Sweet Mocha Madness, you are a delightful and refreshing individual. People love to be around you and you always know exactly what people need. People often come to you for advice and you always listen!
Crunched for Time

You are Crunched for Time! You are an eccentric and unique individual. People often laugh at your jokes and think you're great to be around. Though you might not have a ton of friends, the friends you do have are close and truly love you.
Raspberry Tea with Lemonade

You are Raspberry Tea with Lemonade! Some people might perceive you as a little bit sour but they just need to get to know you better. You are a breath of fresh air and make new friends easily. You always stick to your beliefs and are a passionate person!

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